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Jones vs. Green Results: Green Knocks Out Jones in One Round!

Roy Jones vs. Danny Green Ends Quickly as Jones is Brutally Knocked Out in One Round!

If you were one of the fight fans eagerly anticipating the Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones rematch coming up in 2010, you can officially put that notion to rest. That bout was contingent of course on both men winning their warm-up bouts; Roy Jones was taking on Danny Green and Bernard Hopkins vs. Enrique Ornelas. First up was Jones vs. Green, and the results from the affair are in: Roy Jones has been stopped by Green in the first round of the bout!

As the fight began, Roy Jones was moving and circling Green, launching his jab into his face. He looked quick and confident. On a few occasions, Green bulled forward and fired a few shots, and as has been his downfall in the tail end of his career, Roy Jones moved straight back into the ropes covering up as he was fired upon.

About 75 seconds into the opening round, Green backed Jones up into the corner, and fired a straight right that seemed to land on Jone’s temple, disrupting his equilibrium. He went sprawling to the canvas, and struggled to get up on extremely wobbly legs. The referee allowed the fight to continue, and as soon as it did Green stormed forward and began unleashing a furious and continual combination.

Jones made it out of the corner, only to stay pinned against the ropes as Green continued his assault. With about 60 seconds left in the round the referee had seen enough, and jumped in to save Jones. The official ending time of the bout was 2:02 into the first round, as Danny Green beats Roy Jones via TKO.

Clearly the Jones vs. Green results here are a shocker, and most were expecting Roy to have a relatively easy go of it against the more plodding Green. However, it was not to be, and at this point Roy Jones has to officially end the comeback tour and step off into the sunset for good. While a closing bout to his career against Bernard Hopkins would have been great, it’s clear now that Roy Jones needs to hang up the gloves.

Of course, even though Green has already knocked out Roy Jones in the first round, Bernard Hopkins is still fighting later this evening against Ornelas. A match with Green will probably not be lucrative enough for his tastes, however perhaps should he get by his dance partner he will seek out Tomasz Adamek at cruiserweight instead.

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