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IBF Responds to Ongoing Khan-Peterson Controversy

At this point in time the IBF has decided to break its silence and provide some clarification on the matter of Mr. Mustafa Ameen’s presence at the IBF/WBA championship bout between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson.  Initially, the organization chose not to publicly address this matter to preserve the integrity of the hearing scheduled for the appeal filed by Golden Boy promotions on the ruling of the aforementioned bout.  The sole purpose in doing so was with the intentions that all parties, and most importantly, the panelists could go into this hearing with clear minds and no preconceptions or prejudices. 

Mr. Mustafa Ameen does outreach work for the IBF’s SARB/Education Fund.  This fund was initially created to financially assist retired professional boxers experiencing monetary difficulties.  Shortly over a year ago, IBF President Daryl Peoples and Mr. Ameen agreed that he would network on behalf of the organization with the purpose of connecting with these fighters in order for the IBF to provide them with some financial assistance.  Mr. Ameen’s role with the organization is limited to just this.  He is not an employee or an official of the organization, nor does he receive any monetary compensation from the organization for his efforts.

Previous to the Khan-Peterson bout, the IBF made a request for the Washington, D.C. Boxing and Wrestling Commission to extend Mr. Ameen the courtesy of a credential to enter the arena.  Mr. Ameen was not assigned by the IBF to officiate this bout. Despite all that has transpired, at this point the IBF has not changed its stance and plans on moving forth with the hearing as scheduled on Wednesday, January 18, 2012.  Mr. Ameen will be present at the hearing to explain his actions and what transpired during the bout between him and Mr. Welsh, the WBA supervisor.