Juan Manuel Marquez vs.Timothy Bradley preview & prediction

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Fight Pick & Preview – Bradley vs. Marquez:

Juan Manuel Marquez, fresh off the best win of his career, takes on unbeaten WBO Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley in Vegas on October 12. While each man defeated Manny Pacquiao, it is Marquez who got all the acclaim with a 6th round knockout, while Bradley received a decision no one felt he won. But this isn’t a battle to see who beat Pacman more conclusively. Styles make fights and this is completely different ball game.

  • Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013
  • Site: Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Titles: WBO Welterweight Championship

Juan Manuel Marquez, 55-6-1 (40 KOs), Mexico City, Mexico
Timothy Bradley, 30-0 (12 KOs), Palm Springs, California

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Credit: Chris Farina – Top Rank

Marquez is 40–a time when guys at this weight are usually long gone. It seems strange that it is the decade-younger Bradley who suddenly seems like the less bankable commodity. His last fight, a life-and-death struggle with Ruslan Provodnikov perhaps confirmed what we had all been noticing over the past few years with Bradley. He seems to be getting worse, not better.

He hit a hot patch when winning the title and immediately after that, but since his unwatchable technical decision win over Devon Alexander, he has been flattening out. Once ballyhooed as a guy on the cusp of pound-for-pound recognition, his name rarely comes up now when discussing the top fighters in the sport.

Marquez is unusual, being that most fighters don’t score their best win at age 39. In the 4th fight of his rivalry with Pacquiao and coming off 3 close fights between the two, Marquez leveled Pacquiao and scored the series’ only definitive victory. It’s a little worrisome how this fight came about for Marquez. After a defining career win, he hinted at retirement. Of course, there was talk of a 5th Pacquiao fight. Then, he rather randomly settled on Bradley

After putting all his efforts into the last Pacquiao fight and scoring a great win, will Marquez still have the fire? Even if he’s mentally checked out even slightly, Bradley is a guy who can take advantage of that.

Marquez’ management team probably figured Bradley is an undefeated titleholder, but one who is ripe for the picking. They might be right. In his last bout, only his grit, conditioning, and perhaps the big-fight inexperience of Provodnikov allowed him to finish upright. Prior to the fight, it was considered almost a mismatch, with a world champion facing an ESPN fighter. Bradley avoided disaster, but only narrowly.

In his last series of fights, Bradley seems to have lost that sizzle. His last impressive performance was in 2009, when he lopsidedly defeated Lamont Peterson. It seems that version of Bradley wouldn’t have labored so hard against Provodnikov. Technically, he’s still undefeated and even if he lost to Pacquiao, it was pre-Marquez IV Manny, so losing that fight in the hearts and minds of the public isn’t such a terrible thing. It’s just that we haven’t seen the smash-mouth, greasy fast, take-no-prisoners Bradley in a long time. He seems eroded–physically, concentration-wise, strategically, and his defense and durability have simply gotten worse.

Bradley can’t compete with Marquez technically. Even if he decides to get in there and try to rough up Marquez, he doesn’t really have the power to make it stick. Other than his 2011 stoppage win over a completely-dilapidated Joel Casamayor, you have to go back to 2007 for the last time Bradley stopped his opponent. He just doesn’t have the power to dispatch of world class foes. If he can’t hurt Marquez, he might be struggling to find answers.

With all that being said, Marquez is far from a cinch to win this fight. He’s not even a 2-1 favorite. Marquez hasn’t beaten anyone worthwhile other than Pacquiao in 3 years. The man is 40 years old and there is reason to expect him to not be in the perfect condition physically and mentally as he was in December against Pacquiao. With Manny, he had the personal rivalry component at play. What is there about Bradley that is supposed to light that same fire within Marquez?

Bradley vs. Marquez Prediction

When taking into account how Marquez was almost out of the fight when he dropped the bomb on Pacquiao, his age, and the fact that he’s not really a welterweight, picking Bradley doesn’t seem like the worst move. It’s just that stylistically, Bradley is not a bad match for Marquez. The Mexican legend has not been stopped in a 20-year career and this won’t be his first. And Bradley is going to have to come up with something really special to outbox Marquez. I don’t see it.

Prediction: Marquez wins by unanimous decision.

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  1. Marquez is going to use the uppercut,,,The punch Russian Provodkin should have used…I think Bradly will be A little too much for him and should win easily…

  2. Disagree. Picking Bradley was by definition the final insult to Pacquiao. Marquez beat Pacquiao. Bradley (controversially) beat Pacquiao. Now Marquez wants to dominate Bradley for the icing on his retirement cake, one last shovel of dirt on Pacquiao’s boxing career, a career Marquez feels slighted by due to 3 out of whack decisions – especially #3.

    Marquez has motivation. He will be in tip-top shape, and he will go for the knock-out.

    • decision: go to Bradley and even bradley suffer with counterpunch and a booring style of Marquez, judge for bradley like pac result… lol

  3. Beware of Marquez, Bradley may caught by a miraculous PEDS punched by Marquez. Like MEMO said with PEDs you can see the miraculous & surprise difference.

  4. Marquez have no worries & no fear with Bradley fight, He just TREMENDOUSLY worried for VADA TEST only.

  5. I love how Pacquiao fans are still angry at Marquez and claim that he used Peds. Yet it is Pacquiao who has been suspect of using steroids since 2007.

    Marquez will beat Bradley by KO. And Marquez has never tested positive for any substance.

    With that said, here is something I found on Pacquiao…

    Fighter Manny Pacquiao: boxer; congressman. Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then, an accidental overdose of p.e.d.s/steroids alters his body chemistry.

    And now when Manny Pacquiao grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs. The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative pugilist, Floyd Mayweather Jr. [Pacquiao:] “Mr. Mayweather, don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

    The creature is wanted for titles he didn’t fairly earn. Manny Pacquiao is believed to be dead after his KO loss to Marquez, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging steroid driven spirit that dwells within him, until he returns to the ring in November.

    He is…The Incredible Hulkquiao!!

    • You know what you are definitely an idiot. Why are so obsessed the Pac is using steroids which are not proven otherwise. Its because you are an envious faggot to Pac’s achievements. Money May is a great boxer but not of a character just like the stereotypes of most black people. I am not a racist here I am just telling the truth. The truth hurts man. And by the way the 5 loses Pacman have does not lessen his achievement as the greatest Asian boxer.

  6. @Scott Levinson. You left out the PED thing with Marquez. And some of your readers act like it’s just sour grapes from Pacman fans. I like Marquez. He’s a great fighter. But he was on steroids and/or HGH. And anyone who questions that is whack. Ask anyone who knows anything about the subject and there is zero question about Marquez. He used. And it almost certainly had an impact on the fight. Personally, I don’t see Marquez coming into this fight clean either. Why would he? He told the public he got in the kind of shape he was in through working with a new strength trainer. It’s a joke. But what’s he gonna do now, show up looking less ripped and muscular? The bottom line is this is a dangerous fight for Bradley. Marquez hit hard without PED’s. With them he’s dangerous. And people forget what happened to Bradley against the Russian. That was a scary amount of punishment he took. And he said in an interview that he was dizzy for two weeks afterwards, slurring his speech and feeling disoriented. I like Bradley. He’s got the biggest heart in sports. But that’s freaky. That could have a lasting impact. And I’ve never heard a fighter say he had lingering effects like that. Not sure how/why the commission even cleared him this soon.

  7. Amazing shit!!

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