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JuanMa Lopez training video; Salido fight a month away


As of today, there’s exactly one month to go until we see the rematch between Juan Manuel Lopez and Orlando Salido. JuanMa recently held an open media workout in Puerto Rico, and right here, you can see a video clip of his training session. It’s a quick way to get a peak at JuanMa and see how his preparations are coming, and to get excited for the Lopez vs. Salido II rematch coming up around the corner. Watch it here.

The video is just a minute and a half long, but you’ll see JuanMa in the gym working on the heavy bag, using the speed bag, and more. This is a huge fight for him, as he needs to bounce back from his loss, get past the man who beat him, and move onto bigger and better things. If he can’t do that, then he’ll be in a very tough place and will basically have to start from scratch and rebuild. Many people have a lot of questions about JuanMa, including his chin, his dedication to training and to the sport, his defense, and more.

What do you think? We’ll find it all out one month from today, and in the mean time, you can enjoy this JuanMa Lopez video training clip.