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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Bryan Vera II: What each man must do to win

Credit: Ed Mulholland - HBO

Analyzing Chavez Jr vs. Vera II:

On March 1st in San Antonio, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will take to the ring with Bryan Vera once again in order to set the record straight after the controversial first bout between these two. What can we expect from the second outing in terms of tactics?

I expect much the same as before. Neither fought in a particularly unorthodox style in the previous encounter, though Chavez Jr. was perhaps more subdued than in previous fights, such as his breakout win over Andy Lee. That likely has to do with the fact that Chavez was out of shape and out of focus. While I wouldn’t put either of these two into the top of the division, even with a dominant win here, styles make fights and the two determined contradictions will both be looking to settle the score.

For Chavez Jr. to win

Chavez Jr’s best chance of winning is truly to show up on weight and in shape, and then to apply his superior skills, power and size to good measure. He isn’t the most technically gifted boxer and displays almost lethargic footwork at times. He makes up for that though through sheer attrition, wearing his opponents down with power shots and strength. Chavez should use his solid punching to break through Vera’s guard and drop him to the canvas.

He certainly doesn’t have the punching technique or raw power of a Gennady Golovkin, but he does have a certain innate power and skill in landing big shots, and I’d be surprised if this wasn’t utilized more in the rematch. Chavez Jr. has a strong chin and will be more than happy to trade one of his shots for one of Vera’s.

For Vera to win

Bryan Vera will want this fight to pan out verbatim to the last — only with his hand raised at the end. Vera’s best bet is to not rush and keep his smarts about him. He can’t get sloppy and allow Chavez to connect with a fight-changing bomb. I don’t believe Vera has the power to look for the KO against Chavez Jr., although with the fight being in Texas, scoring a few knockdowns will at least reduce the chances that he gets screwed.

Vera also cannot allow Chavez to rest, taking part of the round off or simply fighting at his one pace. Vera, the smaller man, needs to get inside of Chavez’s reach and keep the pressure on and the action moving, and maybe he’ll be able to wear Chavez out and win some rounds along the way.

Either way, this is set to be a cracking match for sure. Chavez Jr. will want to prove that he can beat Bryan Vera without controversy and resurrect his career with big-fight hopes in the future, while Vera will be out to prove he is simply the more determined fighter, and he deserved to win the first fight. Both have something to prove, so let’s hope they channel that desire into a classic for the fans to see.