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Kessler vs. Froch Heating Up As The Fighters and Teams Exchange Jabs

The big Super Six Stage 2 match-up between Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler is just over a week away. Both men and their teams have been getting into a bit, and both are supremely confident of their victory. Here’s some of what each side had to say with their recent back and forth war of words.

Sauerland: “We will fly Froch in and knock him out – the Volcano won’t save him”

Kalle Sauerland has confirmed that the Super Six World Boxing Classic Clash between WBC Super-Middleweight Champion Carl Froch and Danish hero Mikkel Kessler (April 24) will go ahead as planned despite multiple airspace closures throughout Europe. The “Cobra” was scheduled to fly from Great Britain to Denmark tomorrow, but with most of the European airports shut down until further notice, he might be forced to make different arrangements.

“We will make sure the Cobra gets to Herning in good time to fight Mikkel,” Kessler´s promoter Kalle Sauerland said. “The Volcano cannot serve as an excuse for Froch not to show up. Nothing can prevent the biggest boxing fight in Danish history from happening. We are already looking into different ways of transportation. Should need be, we will fly Froch in by helicopter for Mikkel to knock him out. He can then take the boat back home – once Mikkel is done with him, I doubt he will be allowed on a normal plane anyway.”

Froch: I May Put Kessler Into Retirement!

“Obviously there’s an opening there to try and take advantage, but there’s the wounded fox syndrome where an animal’s been wounded and is bleeding. He’s going to come out fighting. You’ve got to realise Mikkel Kessler’s got absolutely nothing to lose now.”

When asked about Kessler’s future prospects in the tournament he had this to say:

“After I beat Kessler, who knows what he is going to have left in the tank. I may just put him into retirement.”

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Stay tuned for more coverage on Kessler vs. Froch and the Super Six before the big fight next weekend!