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Klitschko vs. Leapai press conference photos, video & notes, including Shannon Brigg’s odd appearance

Credit: Michael Sterling Eaton

The final press conference for the Wladimir Klitschko vs. Alex Leapai fight was held earlier this afternoon. It wasn’t without drama, either, although it had nothing to do with Klitschko vs. Leapai.

For some odd reason, Shannon Briggs stormed the presser and made a scene, demanding a shot at Klitschko and ripping off his shirt in the process. God help us.

Plus, we also have another video from Klitschko’s training camp for you to watch here, produced by Michael Sterling Eaton.

Klitschko shared his thoughts, clearly through a gofer of sorts, on Facebook:

What a press conference. Alex and me both sent out strong messages and both of us are very confident. Besides the upcoming fight I talked about my development as a boxer starting from the loss against Brewster 10 years ago. It never stopped to motivate me and so it does for this fight. I’m well prepared. Suddenly Shannon Briggs crashed the party. It got a little rough as I had to hold back Alex from going at him. In my career I never experienced something like this. Find some impressions in the gallery.

Who can even project why Briggs believes he is in any remote crazy, way entitled to a shot at Klitschko, but here he was. And if he made it that far, one has to wonder whether or not team Klitschko is actually considering the fight, which would be just absolutely miserable. Hopefully that’s not the case.

In any event, enjoy the final Klitschko training camp video and the photos and notes from the press conference, and check back with us later in the weekend for the results and post-fight aftermath.