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Light Heavyweight Rankings Updated Following Dawson vs. Pascal Results

Dawson vs. Pascal Results Crown’s a New Light Heavyweight Champion

The Dawson vs. Pascal results were a surprise for most spectators, that’s for sure. Despite the fact that Pascal was the defending titleholder in the bout, Dawson was respected by all as the number 1 fighter in the division. However, Pascal was busier, beat him to the punch, and controlled much of the action in the bout. As such, the light heavyweight rankings have an entirely new look and feel.

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Credit: The Candian Press/Paul Chiasson

Be sure to give them a look to see what the top 10 in the light heavyweight division look like today. Pascal of course has to rise to the top, but how far does Dawson fall, and how does the recent Tavoris Cloud vs. Glen Johnson scrap factor into the new rankings as well? Also, where does Bernard Hopkins deserve to be, considering his inactivity and his seemingly nonexistent desire to face the real young guns in the division?

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