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Manny Pacquiao: My goal is to give fans the Mayweather fight, but also considering fighting at 140 or 135 lbs before retirement

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao is determined to fight Floyd Mayweather before he hangs up his gloves. The two biggest names in boxing have so far failed to meet in the ring despite years of seemingly endless rumors. The fight is now clearly well past its best, but it’s still something of great interest for many fans.

Now, ahead of his battle with Chris Algieri this weekend, Pacquiao has made clear his intentions in setting up the richest prize fight in boxing history against the majestic Mayweather.

“I do have one specific goal and that is to give the boxing fans the fight they have always asked for – I want the fight too.

“I believe good faith negotiations could produce that fight. But it is impossible to negotiate when you are the only one sitting at the table. Two fighters who want to fight each other have never been kept from fighting each other.

“As I have said before, boxing is my passion and public service is my calling. As I approach my title defense against Chris Algieri I have found that my passion for boxing has increased. I do not feel old.

“I feel great and I find I am able to train as hard as I always have and I enjoy it. More importantly, I still enjoy boxing – a lot. As long as my skills and my passion remain strong I want to continue my boxing career.

“When I retire, I want it to be on my terms. I do not want to spend my retirement regretting that I walked away from boxing before I was ready. I do not want to come back and fight after I retire.

“I have not set a date or determined an age when I will retire. As long as I can keep fighting at the level I expect from myself I will continue my boxing career – I want to finish as a world champion, winning my remaining fights.

“The reason we are fighting this fight at 144 pounds is because I wanted to see how I performed at a lower weight. If I do well, I could easily fight at 140 for my next fight. 140 is the weight I walk around at when I’m not training for a fight. So that is no issue and even 135 would be easy for me to make.

“I could be faster than when I fought at welterweight and super welterweight and if my power remains the same, I may be able to score more knockouts at lower weights. I weighed 138 when I knocked out Ricky Hatton, 142 when I stopped Oscar De La Hoya and 144 when I scored a TKO of Miguel Cotto.

“Many people consider those fights some of my best, so why not go back down if that is where the bigger and better fights are going to be fought?”