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Mayweather & 50 Cent Remake the Famous Hitler YouTube Clip

Most people have seen the Hitler YouTube video clip taken from a movie put out in 2004 called “Downfall”. It’s been remade plenty of times, with him getting Rick Rolled, with him complaining about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, angry about getting a girl pregnant and more. Now, the Money Team, led by Floyd Mayweather and 50 cent, have put their own touch on the Hitler getting angry and yelling video. It’s about the Ortiz fight and how it went down, and a potential Pacquiao fight too. You can watch the video right here.

Now, before you get too excited, Mayweather and 50 cent are NOT in the video clip. But the Money Team has remade it with their own new set of subtitles, as Hitler is informed about what happened in the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight, and how Ortiz got knocked out. Then he rants about nobody beating Mayweather or being able to beat Mayweather, and how Pacquiao is their only chance left which is why they like him too, but that’s not going to get it done either.

It’s entertaining enough and worth a few minutes of your time to check in. Mayweather pulls no punches in his descrption of what happened in the Mayweather-Ortiz fight and why, and much more. Enjoy.