Mayweather-Cotto results: Mayweather wins competitive UD against Cotto

Credit: Tom Hogan / Hogan Photos

Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto Results

Floyd Mayweather won a close, competitive and fun fight against Miguel Cotto on Saturday night, with official scorecards of 117-111, 117-111 and 118-110. ( had it 115-113 for Mayweather, read out full round by round analysis here). Cotto put forth a great effort, often pressuring Mayweather and backing him into the ropes, while landing thudding, effective body shots. The bodywork definitely took its toll on Mayweather, but the ever-crafty undefeated pound for pound kingpin dipped into his reserve and closed the show.

Credit: Tom Hogan / Hogan Photos

A lot of people underestimated Cotto in this fight, and he was a huge betting underdog, but he showed that he deserves more respect. There’s a reason we have him as the number 1 guy at 154 lbs, and he pulled out all the stops in an effort to win.

Mayweather simply had a little bit more, a few more tricks in the bag, and Cotto certainly doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of with this performance. On our scorecard, the fight was up for grabs in the 12th round. We had Mayweather up by a single round at that point, so Cotto could have earned a draw on our cards if he had taken the 12th. Mayweather realized the closeness of the fight though and turned up the heat in the final stanza.

Either way, the judges didn’t agree that the fight was that close. Ultimately, the right man won without a doubt, but to say that Cotto only won two rounds is simply not accurate. Those judges must have simply been ignoring the bodywork he was doing, and his overall aggression.

In fact, this may have been the best that we’ve ever seen Miguel Cotto. At the same time, while Mayweather had to survive a tough fight, he may have enhanced his own status even more. It’s one thing to always win pretty and easy, it’s another thing to have to get gritty and push through a challenge, and that’s what Mayweather did here.

The fight had a lot of twists and turns. At times Cotto was super aggressive, bulling forward and pinning Mayweather to the ropes. At other times, it was Mayweather who was stalking forward. The defining factors were Mayweather’s defensive supremacy, along with his adaptability, and overall ring IQ and generalship.

The crowd loved it all, and it was one of the more entertaining fights we’ve seen from Mayweather in recent memory. Again, when you have to fight hard and dig deep and battle it out, it makes an impression.

For more detailed analysis of the Cotto vs. Maywether results, check out our round by round, which we did live during fight.

We’ll be busy in the next few days with all of the post-fight coverage you need, including photo galleries, rankings updates, columns and more. So be sure to keep on checking back with for more post-fight Mayweather vs. Cotto results and aftermath coverage.

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  1. After watching Mayweather-Cotto, I think Pacquiao will destroy Mayweather. I believe the Mayweather-Pacquiao Superfight will never happen. Now that Mayweather will be spending time in jail, I recommend that Pacquiao fights WBA Welterweight Champ Malignaggi after Bradley. Malignaggi is a good counterpuncher like Maywaether. Manny will also unify the the welterweight divison with the Malignaggi fight. Its time Bob Arum should give chance to Pacquiao to become the undisputed welter champ by fighting w/ the current welterweight champs. Money can never overpower legacy.

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