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Mayweather vs. Cotto odds & betting lines

Credit: All City Boxing

Betting Odds on Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto match promises to be one of the biggest events of the year. It’s a fight that fans have clamored for over the years, and now’s our chance to finally see how it plays out. It’s not bad timing either, considering that Mayweather is rated as the number 1 guy at welterweight, and Cotto is ranked as the number 1 guy at junior middleweight right now. So how will the fight play out? Right here, you can find a complete collection of Mayweather vs. Cotto betting odds so you can get in on the action for yourself.

Boxing Betting: Mayweather-Cotto Odds

  • From Bovada: Floyd Mayweather (-700) / Miguel Cotto (+450)

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  • From Sportsbook: Floyd Mayweather (-800) / Miguel Cotto (+500)

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  • From Sports Interaction: Floyd Mayweather (-833) / Miguel Cotto (+500) / Draw (+2500)

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Mayweather vs. Cotto betting over/under lines

Credit: All City Boxing

The over – under line for Mayweather vs. Cotto has been set at 9.5 rounds. On Bovada, you can take the over at -230 and the under at +160. On Sportsbook, you can take the over at -250 and the under at +190.

Keep in mind, the odds here, as well as the figures above, can and will change over time depending on how people are betting.

Mayweather-Cotto Betting Analysis

It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather is the big favorite to win this fight. After all, he’s the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world, and he’s riding high right now, and trying to bolster his legacy with every dominant performance.

However, Cotto’s status as a three-division titleholder, and the top guy at junior middleweight right now, cannot be overlooked. Neither can his power, and his underrated skill set.

If you’re a Cotto fan or think that Mayweather is simply due for an upset and his first loss, then you can get some fantastic odds here. You can take Cotto at as high as +500, or 5 to 1, and that offers a great return. It’s rare that you can bet on a fighter of Cotto’s quality and get that kind of action, so it’s something you may want to consider. Cotto is also the more natural 154 lb fighter here, so he’ll have a strength advantage even if the two men are essentially the same size.

As far as the over/under goes, if you’re taking Cotto to win, taking him to score the stoppage isn’t a bad idea either. It will likely be easier to do that than win a decision against Mayweather given their respective styles. It’s also possible that Mayewather can wear Cotto down and stop him – however, keep in mind that Cotto lasted longer than 9 rounds against both Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito in his one sided losses to those two men.

If you bet against Floyd Mayweather, that’s at your own risk. But Cotto at 5 to 1 ain’t bad. Use the above Mayweather-Cotto odds and the great signup deals we have with these online boxing betting services and get in on the fun for yourself.