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Mayweather vs. Marquez Live Results & Round by Round

ProBoxing-Fans.com will be featuring live round by round coverage of the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight on September 19, 2009. In addition, we will be offering full results for the undercard of the Marquez vs. Mayweather fight and a full analysis on everything that takes place on the evening.

Finally, it’s fight night! If you’re not going to be able to purchase the Mayweather vs. Marquez PPV, then have no fear, because we have you covered with live results and a live round by round blog. The Mayweather vs. Marquez fight is upon us! If you’re not going to be able to purchase the Mayweather vs. Marquez PPV, then have no fear, because we have you covered with live results and a live round by round blog. For up to the minute coverage of the PPV, see below!

Current Mayweather vs. Marquez PPV Status: Floyd Mayweather Jr. VS. Juan Manuel Marquez is now finished. See below for the full results!

Event notes:

1:00 am: It’s all been over a while now, and we’re left with a bunch of questions. Should Mayweather have tried harder to finish the fight? Did Marquez deserve his shot? What does this say about the potential Mayweather vs. Pacquiao match? Stay tuned with Proboxing-fans.com for the latest in Mayweather Marquez, Pacquiao Cotto and Mayweather Pacquiao coverage.

12:40 am: Max Kellerman starts talking about Shane Mosley being a viable opponent for Mayweather, and Mosley comes into the ring. Mosley starts talking about getting a fight, Mayweather gets heated, and things begin spiraling out of control. The two fighters begin talking trash and Kellerman gets dissed, and eventually cuts the feed and ends the interview.

11:38 pm: both fighters are making their way to the ring; fight is shortly underway….stay tuned

11:27 pm: Interesting enough Mayweather didn’t make weight. Seems strange for someone who claims he’s made for the sport!

11:26 pm: Mayweather/ Marquez Next!

11:25 pm: Chris John Wins by unanimous decision.

10:25 pm: One of the judges inexplicably had Escobedo beating Katsidis by several rounds. How he could have come up with that score is pretty incredible, as ProBoxing-Fans.com had Katsidis up solidly by four points.

Cornelius Lock wins his fight, the opening fight of the Mayweather-Marquez PPV card,  by referee stoppage after scoring two knockdowns.

Mayweather vs. Marquez Scorecard


Juan Manuel Marquez

Floyd Mayweather

Live Fight Coverage:

RD 1. Both fighters study eachother, as Mayweather progresses with his body shots.

RD 2. Mayweather scores a knockdown midway through the second round with a left hook to the chin of Marquez.

RD 3. It appears as Marquez is bleeding. Mayweather still quick and Marquez out of reach.

RD 4. Mayweather quick in landing accurate counter punches with his left hand.

RD. 5 Bobbing and weaving, Mayweather continues to lead with his left. Mayweather continues to land flush punches to the chin of Marquez.

RD 6. Mayweather simply won that round with his speed and skill. Mayweather landed his right hand several times.

Rds 6-12: Mayweather continues to show his dominance in the fight. He has the advantage in size and speed, and he showed in this fight that ring rust was not a problem. Consistently in these rounds Mayweather shows that he can beat Marquez to the punch, he has power, he can make great fighters miss and he can dictate the terms of a fight against nearly anyone. By the middle rounds of this fight, it was clear that Mayweather was in absolute control, and Marquez could only hope to survive. He did make it until the end of the fight, however, the dominance was never in question.

Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez Scorecard


Rocky Juarez
Chris John1010101010101010101099118

Live Fight Coverage:

Rd 1: Chris John opens up the fight looking very sharp. He seems to be on his game, throwing crisp, fast punches and easily dodging most of Rocky’s shots.

Rd 2: Both men pick up the pace in the second round. Rocky is falling into his same trap of not being active though, as John continues to throw first and dictate the action.

Rd 3: Rocky manages to land several flush shots against John in the third round, however John’s work rate and overall ring generalship wins him the round. His quick jab and head movement continues to dictate the fight.

RD 4. John continues to land three and four punch combinations as he befuddles Rocky Juarez.

RD 5. Juarez landed some good body shots. But it was John that used slick movement and landed several jabs and straight rights to claim the round.

RD 6. John’s key to winning this round were a plethora of 2 to 3 punchs combinations to the head of Juarez. Chris John is constantly outworking Rocky Juarez.

RD 7. Both fighters exchanged several overhand rights; however, no one was hurt, and Chris John continued his success.

RD 8. Rocky continues to counter, but to no avail. Chris continues to outwork his opponent by slick movement and several right, left, right combinations.

RD 9. John works his jab against Juarez outlanding him by a wide margin.  Chris John was effective with several left right combinations to the head of Juarez.

RD 10. Both fighters exchange blows. Its Chris John that lands the more effective combinations. However, very little to mild swelling over Juarez’s eye.

RD 11. While Rocky Juarez seems busy, he seems to be landing no effective punches. Chris John continues to throw several combinations, however it appears Johns left eye is closing.

RD 12. Boths fighters engage, Chris John stunned by a left hook of Juarez but manages to survive the round.

***Chris John wins a unanimous decision over Rocky Juarez   ***

Vicente Escobedo vs. Michael Katsidis Scorecard


Vicente Escobedo

Michael Katsidis

Live Fight Coverage:

RD 1. Escobedo cut Katsidis over the right eye from his effective jab. Eccobedo landed the more cleaner effective shots.

RD. 2 Katsidis forced Escobedo to fight inside. Escobedo unable to cut the distance as Katsidis pursues and throws quick powerful punches.

RD. 3 Katsidis was the busier fighter landing the harder shots. Escobedo counter punching effectively, but to no avail.

RD 4. Katsidis continued to pursue Escobedo, however it was the slick counter punching of Escobedo that won the round.

RD. 5 Escobedo used movement to evade the power shots of Katsidis. Escobedo closed the distance with his jab and earned the round.

RD 6. Escobedo worked from the outside, as Katsidis pursued. Katsidis landed the heavier shots in round 6.

RD 7. Escobedo uses his pawing his jab to gain distance, but Katsidis does not relent and lands several effective body shots.

RD 8. Escobedo tires, as Katsidis gets closer to landing his powerful right hand. Escobedo back pedals as Katsidis continues to land shots to the head and body.

(Note: Escobedo’s trainer asks if he wants to stop the fight…Escobedo says “NO”)

RD 9. Katsidis is relentless, constantly pursuing Escobedo. Katsidis continues to work the body as Escobedo tires.

RD 10. Escobedo seems tired. Katsidis continues to land several shots…Escobedo lands the more cleaner effective shots through distance.

RD 11. Katsidis Jaw looks to apparently broken. Katsidis continues to outwork Escobedo.

RD 12. Good fight excellent effort by both fighters. Escobedo landed a few heavyshots at the close of the round.

***Michael Katsidis wins a Split Decision win.***

Photo Credit: HBO Boxing and Pay-Per-View; www.hbo.com/boxing

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