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Mayweather vs. Mosley Episode 2 Recap


The Second Episode of the HBO Reality Show Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley 24 7

The fight is three weeks away, and Mayweather is calling Mosley a “dumb motherfucker” “that’s almost 40 years old” after watching the first episode of the show for himself. He says the difference between the two of them is that Shane Mosley is talented, while he is God gifted. Mosley says that somebody that barks that much is probably intimidated, and that he doesn’t bark, he bites, and it’s deadly.

Naazim Richardson calls him “little” Floyd Mayweather Jr., and questions how “real” he is, how many real tests on the street he had and so forth. After a day of training, Mosley and his team watch some old Mayweather fights, and among other things comment on how it’s boring. Naazim jokes that they should show clips of Mayweather hitting the pads between rounds to make it more exciting.

Long after everyone else is asleep, Richardson goes back to the tapes and keeps watching. Richardson says that Mosley is going to tag Mayweather, and Mayweather is going to bring it all, eager to fight and trade. Unlike some Mayweather critics that Richardson says view Floyd as a talented coward, he disagrees. It’s up to Mosley to stay calm and collected, along with stepping in and hitting the body plenty as well.

We’re back at camp Mayweather, and meet his 7-man security detail. From the looks of it, nobody will be intruding on Mayweather’s training that isn’t desired to do so. Mayweather and Roger work the pads, and Mayweather says he’d have to be a damn fool to be in the sport for 33 years of his life and then to say there’s another fighter that’s better than he is. Is he better than Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson? Floyd says yes. Back at camp, Mayweather, uncle Roger and father Floyd Sr. all joke it up a bit.

Next up on Mayweather vs. Mosley 24/7 episode 2, Mosley and his camp head down to the local barber shop and start hanging out. It’s another one of the local places and charms that Shane enjoys at Big Bear. Shane and Oscar then head out to tape an episode of the George Lopez show. Lopez says he’s more eager for this than Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, and says Shane has a good chance. During the interview, Lopez says they should try to get Mayweather to wear a particular pair of shoes, so that when Shane knocks him out and his feet are up on the canvas, the George Lopez show stickers he put on the soles will be seen.

Back in Vegas, 48 year old Roger takes his 5 year old son out for a quick bite. We’re reminded of his upcoming summer trial, where a conviction could land him up to 10 years in jail. He’s accused of hitting a woman who was a former boxing student of his. Then Roger and Naazim share some time on a teleconference for the media. The topic that garners the most interest and trash talk from both sides is the issue of drug testing and Shane’s past, along with Mayweather and rumors about him as well.

At Camp Mosley in Big Bear, we see Shane training his 19 year old son. They work the mitts and go out for a jog, and he says it’s the family business being passed on. Shane is proud his son chose to do this and to be up there with him. Of course, it was Shane’s dad that got him into the sport, and of course the two had their well known fallout from working together several years ago.

Shane says his dad lost his focus on it being all about the boxing, and his dad says he supports him. Both say they love each other but for Shane his father as a trainer was just no longer working out. Richardson then talks about the call he got from Mosley about coming on board.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley is now just 14 days away. Richardson is eager to be the “first person at the buffet” in terms of being the first ones to beat Mayweather. In Vegas, after some harsh words for the IRS and their $30 million bill, Floyd and family hangs at the gym. Then at home, Mayweather relaxes with his children. He says that people being jealous of you stems from success.

On his own later to the camera, Mayweather once again talks about him being the best, being a machine. Mosley says all of the Mayweather talking doesn’t bother him. The second episode of Mayweather Mosley 24 7 closes with Mayweather saying he earns so much money by being a bank robbery, so get ready Shane because on May 1st it’s going to be a stick up.

Keep checking in for future recaps of Mayweather vs. Mosley 24/7 and of course all of the coverage you need on the big fight on May 1.