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Middleweight & Junior Middlweight Rankings Updated After Pavlik vs. Martinez

Sergio Martinez is the New Middleweight Champion

Things finally got interesting again in the middleweight division, when Sergio Martinez took the titles from reigning champion Kelly Pavlik. Following his great fight against Paul Williams, Martinez now has two really solid showings in the division, and of course has to be respected as one of the best in the division. But considering that he lost to Williams, does he still deserve to be number 1? Check out the updated ProBoxing-Fans.com middleweight rankings.

Updated middleweight division rankingsjunior middleweight division rankings.

The other big question then is how far does Kelly Pavlik drop in the rankings, after losing against Martinez and not so much as having one successful, significant title defense during his somewhat absentee rein from the division? Of course, the Pavlik vs. Martinez fight also has implications for the junior middleweight division.

With Martinez winning some belts at 160 lbs, that effectively takes him out of the picture at 154 lbs, where he had been one of the top 2 or 3 fighters. So a bunch of junior middleweight fighters probably just celebrated as well that they won’t have to deal with the tricky southpaw for the time being. So be sure to check out both of our updated rankings to see where all the chips have fallen.