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Mayweather vs. Mosley Results & Round by Round Live Blog

Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley Results Live from ProBoxing-Fans.com

The biggest fight of the year is finally heading our way on Saturday, May 1st, 2010, when Floyd Mayweather takes on Shane Mosley in a very intriguing welterweight contest. Tune in to ProBoxing-Fans.com, because we will be offering a live round by round blog for Mayweather vs. Mosley, including scores, analysis and more. Bookmark this page and check back at 9 pm! – Mayweather vs. Mosley results are now official, see below!

11:22 pm – Ring walks are now underway, and the fight is set to begin in a few moments. Round by round updates to come as the fight begins!

12:25 am – The fight is over! See below for full details and Mayweather vs. Mosley results!

Mayweather vs. Mosley Round by Round Scores


Floyd Mayweather

Shane Mosley

Mayweather vs. Mosley Results & Live Blog Analysis

Mosley walks in to some Eminem to a warm reception, he looks focused and loose. Mayweather comes out to “Money money money monaaay!” by the O’Jays… and yes, they are performing live! Camp Mosley actually looks entertained at the theatrics. For some reason, Apollo Creed in Rocky IV comes to mind!

Rd 1 – Just 20 seconds in, Mosley already holds and then starts pounding away to Mayweather’s body as soon as he gets the chance. Mosley looks fast as he leads with a left hook and jabs to the body. Mayweather lunges in with a left and then tries to rough Mosley up. Mosley touches the canvas but clearly on a slip, Mayweather is more aggressive than you might have predicted. Is Mosley too eager? He gets in a nice 1-2, Mayweather jabs. Mayweather gets in his own 1-2, then misses with a leap-in left hook. Close round, Mayweather landed the better shots so it goes to him. 10-9 Mayweather, but could have been either way as Shane was busier.

Rd 2 – The two are standing and posing, then Mayweather lands a nice lead right. Mosley lands a HUGE right to Mayweather’s head and Mayweather is hurt and desperately holding. His legs are weak. Mosley lands another huge shot and Mayweather’s legs buckle and he is flimsy. Mayweather is hurt, he’s trying to act like he’s not but he definitely is. The crowd chants for Mosley and erupts with every shot he lands. Mayweather pushes Mosley away and lands a right, and another. Great round for Shane! 10-9 Shane

Rd 3- Mayweather looks pissed about the last round and comes out aggressive and dictating the bout in round 3. Floyd lands a nice right, Mayweather is looking for big shots… Mosley looks hyper in there. They exchange jabs, Mayweather ducks under a big Mosley hook and clinches. A lot of feinting going on by both guys. Mayweather with a left hook that gets partially through, then pushes forward with two more shots. Very nice comeback round for Floyd, 10-9 Mayweather.

Naazim says stop looking to hurt him, because it will come. Roger says keep feinting and boxing.

Rd 4 – Mayweather leads with a left hook and misses with a big straight right. Mosley jabs to the body and bounces around. Mayweather is making Shane miss, but he jumps straight back often to do it, which of course is dangerous. Shane jabs to the body, Mayweather counters. Mayweather lands a crisp counter right hand. Mosley bounces forward but Floyd is calm and is looking to throw some fire. Mayweather jabs to the body, Mosley to the head. Floyd lands a hard jab, Mosley is feinting a ton, looks out of his element a bit. Merchant actually makes a good point on that regard, that when you’re used to being the faster guy and suddenly you’re right, it changes you in the ring. Floyd’s round, 10-9.

Rd 5 – Mosley clinches and throws some inside shots. He’s bringing his left out and then moving it around, trying to distract Floyd. Mayweather launches two straight rights and then pushes him into the rope. Bayless is doing a good job on the separations. Pace has slowed pretty substantially, which you know Mayweather likes. He’s still the aggressor too. Mosley blocks a left hook, comes forward and Mayweather clinches. Mayweather holds his guard up high, Winky Wright style. Emmanuel Steward is saying Mayweather looks much stronger, not sure if I entirely agree although he is in control right now. Mayweather 10-9

Rd 6 – Mosley jabs to open the round, Mayweather now in more of his customary defensive, shoulder rolling posture. Mayweather lands a big right hand that didn’t really hurt Shane, but looked to discourage him a bit. His mouth his open, he’s tired. He gasps after throwing a 1-2, and Mayweather opens up and lands a few shots. Lampley wonders if Mosley is overtrained, but as I guessed during the fight build up, it’s an old fighter coming off the longest layoff of his career, which is dangerous. 10-9 Mayweather.

Rd 7 – Mosley launches a few soft jabs, Steward calls them “jiggly punches” and Mayweather retaliates. He goes for a big right but Mosley clinches to avoid it. Mosley looks exhausted. Mayweather is looking for big shots. He is really opening up now and pelting Shane with straight rights, 1-2 combinations and more. It almost looks like he’s toying with Mosley, who is just visibly gassed. Mayweather of course knows it and feels it. Mosley is g-a-s-s-e-d, 10-9 Mayweather.

In between rounds, Naazim says this kid’s gift is his conditioning, it has nothing to do with that other stuff. He tells Mosley he needs to wake up in there.

Rd 8 – Bayless warns Shane for roughhousing. Shane tries to hold out his hand to Mayweather, and Mayweather decks him! You see Mosley say, “C’mon dog!”… then Mayweather starts jawing and opening up more. Not a nice-guy move, but as the saying goes, “protect yourself at all times.” Mosley eventually bulls forward, then Mayweather laughs a bit and throws a 1-2 that hurts Mosley, who is still tired but now is mad. Mayweather uses his forearm shove and then misses with a combo, comes back with a jab. Mosley digs to the body, then holds and does it some more. The pace calms down, Mayweather jabs. All Floyd, 10-9 Mayweather.

Roger tells Floyd “you’re shaking that mother fucker down!” Naazim says, “you have to force the exchanges!”

Rd 9 – Mosley is working a little bit harder in this round, but still doesn’t have the zip he did in the beginning. Mayweather has slowed the pace too, he might be taking the round off to come back big in round 10. Mayweather lands a crisp right hand, then misses with another. He’s almost exclusively throwing his straight right, which is always his favorite shot. They clinch and push each other around, Bayless breaks it up, and they go right back to it. Mayweather lands another really big right that gets the crowd “ooohing” 10-9 Mayweather.

Rd 10 – Compubox says Shane was 3 for 45 in round 9… wow. Naazim implored him into between rounds that there’s still time left because of who he is. Mayweather throws a hook to the body, then an uppercut to the chin as they push each other around. Mayweather sticking with that uppercut now, and a kind of hybrid uppercut hook. Shane has a bit more bounce to him now, maybe a second wind, but Mayweather is still dictating. He lands a good body shot, Shane is moving back now instead of forward. Floyd snaps Shane’s head back hard twice in a row. Another dominant Floyd round, 10-9.

Rd 11 – More emphatic pleas from Naazim in the corner. The action continues basically as we’ve seen. Floyd lands a big right. Floyd’s obviously content to ride this out instead of opening up, and even against a very tired Shane Mosley, with his power that’s not really a move you can blame him for, or one you couldn’t predict. He’s actually hurt Mosley more than I would have envisioned. 10-9 Mayweather.

Naazim tells Shane, the bullshit is done, he needs to go, you’ve done it before and you need to do it again.

Rd 12 – Shane throws a few hard left hooks to the body, but each time he does Mayweather launches a left hook to the head, finally connects on the third try or so. The HBO crew is looking ahead to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, but I’ll believe that when I see it happen, although of course I hope it gets made. Not much happening as Shane is too tired to put his punches together, and Mayweather is a bit tired himself, although still in control. The two end in an exchange and touch gloves, another Mayweather round.

ProBoxing-Fans.com scored the bout 119-109 for Floyd Mayweather. On Harold Lederman’s unofficial scorecard, it was 118-110, with Mosley winning the first. Props to Shane for nearly getting Mayweather out in the second, but after that round it was literally all Mayweather. A great, great performance for Mayweather.

Official scorecards, 119-109, 119-109 and 118-110, UD Floyd Mayweather. Nothing unexpected there. Two of the judges gave Floyd the first like I did, one agreed with Lederman. Floyd looks his usual post fight blissful, exulting in his moment.

Merchant interviews Mayweather and Mayweather says if he opened up earlier he could have gotten the stoppage, but Shane is a tough customer. Floyd does not deny being hurt in round 2, and how could he, he was badly, badly hurt in the round. The subject moves to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, and Mayweather says if everybody in boxing is clean, just take the test. If not, there is no fight.

In Mosley’s interview, he said getting Mayweather hurt threw him out of his game plan a bit and he was surprised by Mayweather a bit, and couldn’t adjust as Mayweather did. As mentioned in my preview, the fighter with the best plan B would win, and that’s part of what happened tonight, at least according to Mosley himself. Mosley is unsure about whether he’ll fight again.

Steward and Lampley now are both coming around and saying they would think Mayweather beats Pacquiao. Steward says Mayweather is the dominant fighter right now, even though he might hate to say it in regards with Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns.

Undercard and PPV Updates

9:15 pm – The first preliminary fight is already over. That was a quick one, read below for details! Emmanuel Steward is going over his keys to victory, which of course we could all predict. Floyd has to use his legs, avoid long exchanges, be crisp and accurate, and Shane has to apply pressure, get Mayweather out of his comfort zone, and listen to whatever Naazim Richardson tells him. Now for Daniel Ponce de Leon vs. Cornelius Lock…

9:45 pm – We’re in the middle of the Ponce de Leon vs. Lock bout, and Mayweather vs. Mosley referee Kenny Bayless gives the fighter instructions to the Mayweather’s camp. At 10 pm Bayless is in Mosley’s locker room, and says he won’t allow any hitting for a hard hold, but it is more acceptable on a soft hold. Richardson says his concern is about Mayweather intentionally throwing his elbow and leading with it.

10:05 pm – Ponce de Leon vs. Lock is now completed, see below for details. Next up is Saul Alvarez vs. Jose Miguel Cotto. A chance for hot prospect Saul Alvarez to get some great airtime against a decent name opponent. With 32 pro fights at 19 years of age – and he says it’s really 40 plus – one has to wonder how long his career could be, although he hasn’t yet been tested. See below for the round by round updates.

10:25 pm – Naazim Richardson is watching Mayweather get his hands taped in the dressing room. Mayweather doesn’t seem to like Richardson there in his face, but the camp looks pretty calm.

10:30 pm – Muhammad Ali is in attendance, along with Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns and a host of others….

10:40 pm – We flash back to the Mayweather vs. Marquez post-fight interviews, when Mosley and Hopkins stormed the ring and started demanding a fight. Funny scene.

10:45 pm – Now Ellerbe is in Mosley’s training room to watch the hand wrapping. Mosley’s hands are just getting started, so as Jim Lampley implies, the main event will not be starting promptly at 11 pm.

11 pm – Alvarez vs. Cotto has been over for a few minutes, see below for the results. Alvarez was extremely impressive. The HBO crew is reviewing Mayweather vs. Marquez now, then starts talking about how Mayweather really capitalized on beating Oscar De La Hoya to become a huge star, while Mosley made the mistake of fighting bigger guys like Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright, twice each.

11:05 pm – We see Merchant’s earlier one on one interview with Mosley. They talk about how the fight finally got made; Mosley says he has speed too that can bother Mayweather, not just the other way around.

Now we’re live in the training rooms, Floyd is just getting his gloves on, and Mosley is still getting his hands wrapped. That means that we can expect some delays before the fight starts! No way they are getting ready in 10 minutes.

More celebs in attendance, Mike Tyson, Jeremy Piven, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael J. Fox, Mark Whalberg, Eva Longeria, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and as we mentioned before, Muhammad Ali…

11:15 pm – Alright the guys are working the pads, we just got Larry Merchant’s (who is in particularly fine form this evening, even for him) and Emmanuel Steward’s final thoughts, and we’re getting close to fight time.

11:20 – OK! Chris Brown is singing the national anthem, and ring walks are set to begin. It’s go time in just a few minutes. Ring walks are getting started, switch your focus to the above round by round updates to start as soon as the fight gets started.

Undercard Bouts

Saul Alvarez 31 (23) – 0 – 1 vs. Jose Miguel Cotto 31 (23) – 1 – 1

Rd 1 – The two are feeling each other out, and Jose Miguel Cotto shocks Alvarez with a jarring shot, a big left hook, that sends him back. Cotto opens up into him and pours on the pressure. Alvarez gets free but is very shaky on his legs. For a moment against the ropes it looked like Alvarez would be stopped and the ref would jump in. Cotto keeps up the pressure through the end of the round, but Alvarez seems to have his legs back by the time the bell rings.

Rd 2 – Alvarez has a real hard jab, and a very nice left hook as well. He’s a big kid and he’s going to fill out more too from the looks of it. No lingering effects from the shots in round 1. Round 2 is all Alvarez, and by the end of the round he clips Cotto with a counter right uppercut that puts him to the canvas. Didn’t hurt him bad, but he went down so it’s 10-8 for Alvarez.

Rd 3 – Alvarez is dictating the action, his size is a huge advantage, he’s also quick with a strong technical base. Jose Miguel Cotto isn’t built for welterweight, and is forced to wade in from a distance in a way that’s not very effective for him. He’s applying pressure, but I wouldn’t call it very effective, although he lands some strong shots in a back and forth exchange at the end of the round. Rd 3 for Alvarez.

Rd 4 – Slower round to start. Alvarez gets put to the ropes but he’s the one that lands the hard shots from there, precisely placing his uppercuts and other power shots as Cotto pressured him. Cotto pressures more effectively by the end of the round as the pace picks up, an Alvarez round though.

Rd 5 – The kid has some skills and can really land some hard shots. At 19 years old you wouldn’t think he would have this complete package, but when you consider he had 40+ pro fights already, it makes more sense. Maybe US amateurs should be thrown to the fire a bit earlier as well…

Rd 6 – Cotto is tough but he’s taking more punishment than he’s dishing out. Alvarez turns up the heat in the last minute and wins another round.

Rd 7 – Cotto is probably having his best round since the first. Maybe Alvarez is taking the round off as Cotto lands some good shots, and gets him against the ropes. But when Alvarez lands a shot, you hear it loud and clear. Round for Cotto.

Rd 8 – Alvarez dictating more of the action in round 8. He is definitely a bit tired though, going this many rounds against a tough veteran is certainly a new challenge, regardless of his innate skill level. But he takes the round.

Rd 9  – Alvarez has Cotto against the ropes and just decks him repeatedly with huge straight right hands one after the other. Winds back, launches a straight right, again and again. Cotto avoids most of them, but the action is too one-sided and the bout is stopped. Alvarez wins by TKO at 2:51 of round 9.

Seeing Alvarez’s style, skill and size, I’m thinking Alfredo Angulo vs. Saul Alvarez in 2 years or so has FOTY all over it. This kid is the goods though, and we’ll be seeing him for some time to come. Will be interesting as he starts facing larger and more versatile, top flight fighters.

Daniel Ponce de Leon 38 (32) – 2 vs. Cornelius Lock 19 (12) – 4 – 1

Through two rounds both guys are throwing punches with mean intentions. Lock is the bigger man and the crisper puncher, but Ponce de Leon clearly throws the hardest shots and is determined to get his big shots in. Round 1 could have went to Lock, Ponce de Leon picked up the pace and took the second.

Ponce is getting his jab into the mix, and has been displaying some pretty decent boxing skills for a guy known as a pure power-shot-winger a few years ago. Round 3 was all Ponce. Lock is trying to pressure a bit in round 4, but his punches already seem to have lost some steam, probably from Ponce’s body work. Ponce is more active and is landing many more shots, he’s having his way and takes round 4.

Lock has his best round of the night in round 5. Ponce has a cut under his left eye, and is either bothered by that or has also tired a bit and therefore is getting a bit sloppier. He lands some big, looping shots at the end of the round, but still a round for Lock.

Ponce controls most of the action in the sixth, with a slower pace than the past few years. He paws a bit at his eye where the cut is. Ponce wins the round by Lock lands the hardest shot, a straight left with about 30 seconds left in the round. Lock has a few brief moments of effective pressure in the 7th, but it’s almost all Ponce dictating the action and getting off first.

More of the same in the 8th, another round for Ponce de Leon. Lock lands a few hard shots in the 9th, timing Ponce’s aggression and taking advantage of some of his sometimes sloppy technique. May have even hurt Ponce a bit towards the end. Going into the 10th and final, it’s a bit surprising that these two saw the final bell the way they started out the bout. More of the usual action, Lock though pins Ponce in the corner and goes to town, landing a few real nice shots, but it’s not enough to get the job down now.

Lock could have won up to four rounds if you gave him the benefit of the doubt, which still leaves plenty of room for Ponce to take home the decision. Official scorecards are: 96-94, 97-93 and 96-94 UD for Ponce de Leon. Daniel Ponce de Leon improves to 39 – 2, and has now won 5 fights in a row since his devastating TKO loss to Juan Manuel Lopez.

Hector Saldivia vs. Said Ouali

Well, this fight was over practically before it began. Saldivia put Ouali down in the first seconds of the bout, and he looked to finish the job, pinning Ouali to the ropes as he covered up. However, Ouali went to work and decked Saldivia with a right hook.

While he had just been caught off guard, Saldivia was really hurt by the shot he got hit with. Ouali then followed up immediately and knocked Saldivia down again, and the referee waved off the bout as Saldivia stumbled to his feet. What was supposed to be the continued breakout of the Argentinian fight scene for Saldivia, who had Sergio Martinez in attendance with him, Ouali instead seized the stage . Official time was 1:47 of round 1, winner by TKO Sad Ouali. Prince Said Ouali is now 27 (19) – 3, and Saldivia drops to 33 (26) – 2.


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