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Mayweather: We Want the Pacquiao Fight

Yesterday afternoon the LA press conference for the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz bout was held. The media was out in full force, and while the fight itself was getting plenty of recognition, as is usually the case, even more attention and questions were aimed at a potential showdown with Mayweather against Pacquiao. More than ever before in the past, not only did Mayweather answer these sorts of questions from the media, but he answered them in a way that seemed to indicate, yes, this is going to happen.

Mayweather said that “all roads lead to Floyd Mayweather”… but that, “Yes, we want the Pacquiao fight.” He then made the obvious comparisons between Ortiz and Pacquiao that many have been making since the fight was announced. Namely, he’s fast, powerful and he’s a southpaw, so what do you think that means about a future choice of opponents?

The Mayweather-Ortiz fight will see both fighters undergo USADA style Olympic drug testing. Mayweather seems to want to stick to that, but his stance seemed a bit more relaxed. He wasn’t accusing Pacquiao of anything, and reminded that he would also be taking all of the same tests. This is also Mayweather’s second straight fight where USADA testing will be utilized. The first was his bout against Shane Mosley in May of 2009.

But the most important takeaway were the five words “We want the Pacquiao fight.”