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Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alvarez results & round by round updates

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Cotto vs. Canelo Round by Round Results

On Saturday, November 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada, HBO Pay-Per-View presents Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alvarez, a highly intriguing middleweight showdown. While the fight is not for our middleweight championship, due to it being contested at a catchweight beneath the full division limit, it nevertheless has a huge bearing on the careers of both men, and the status of the middleweight class in the foreseeable future.

Right here, we’ll be offering our live Cotto vs. Canelo results coverage, with round by round updates of the main event and results of the entire undercard as well. We’re the place to be on fight night, so take a seat and enjoy the show.

Cotto vs. Canelo Scorecard

Miguel Cotto10991091099910109113
Canelo Alvarez9101091091010109910115

Cotto vs. Canelo Round by Round Updates

Rd 1: Crowd is amped for the start of this one. Cotto hopped around during the stare down, while Canelo refused to engage. Crowd chanting Mexico. Cotto goes to the body, Canelo answers him there. Cotto bouncing around quite a bit. Canelo jabs. Then a right, blocked. Cotto leads with a left hook downstairs. Canelo throws a combination. Cotto misses a lead left hook. Double jab from Cotto. Canelo misses a hook. Cotto on his toes. Good boxing and bodywork wins Cotto round 1.

Rd 2: Cotto with a counter right upstairs. Canelo jabs to the body. Back to the body again. Cotto with a 4 punch combination, Canelo counters to the body, again. Cotto attacks, it’s all blocked. Canelo misses a right. Cotto circling around. Canelo opens up with a combination, nothing really lands. Canelo jabs, then a left hook, then an uppercut. Cotto comes forward but everything blocked. Canelo with a 1-2. Canelo’s round.

Rd 3: Cotto with a left hook downstairs. Cotto opens up with a combination. He’s doing a lot of body work, investing into that. Looks to be paying dividends already. Right hand from Canelo. Left hook from Cotto blocked. Right hand from Cotto. Double jab from Canelo. Cotto does the same. Cotto working the jab more. Canelo with a right hand counter. Fight picking up steam a bit. Close round. Double jab from Cotto. They each land a jab at the same time. Double jab Cotto. Big right hand from Canelo best shot of the fight probably wins him the round.

Rd 4: They trade hard jabs. Cotto rallies with a big combination. Then another. He’s fired up right now. All Cotto coming on the attack. Now he’s dancing around, but he’s still getting off first. Canelo with a hook, then a jab. Cotto downstairs, Canelo answers. Cotto left hook to the body. Canelo jabs. Big Cotto round as he has seized control by getting off first. Can he keep this up though? Jab from Cotto. Right hand counter from Canelo blocked. Cotto’s round.

Rd 5: Canelo lands a big left uppercut. Cotto decides to answer with a huge combination, 6 or 7 unanswered punches. Cotto back on the bicycle. Canelo seems a bit tired, while Cotto seems like he’s worn out from feeling some of those punches. Canelo with a nice hook, and in the next exchange, a nice right hand. Cotto double jabs. Canelo answers with a jab, then a lead left hook. Cotto circling. They trade body blows. Canelo wins the stanza with his power shots.

Rd 6: Cotto being more aggressive in this round. But Canelo fighting fire with fire and when he lands he certainly appears to do more damage. Cotto jabbing, sticking and moving. Canelo much more stationary, letting the action come to him. Again, if Cotto can do this for 12 rounds, he’ll win, but it’s a question of sustaining it. Cotto’s footwork really bothering Canelo in this stanza. Good Cotto round.

Rd 7: Canelo turning the tide after the last session here. Landing some big shots. Cotto answers with a combination and the referee sees rare action by breaking them up. Cotto with a 4 punch combination. They trade jabs. Canelo misses a hook, connects on the next. Lands a right hand. Lands a left uppercut. Throws another, blocked. Double jab from Cotto. He goes downstairs, blocked. Cotto bouncing around. Right uppercut from Canelo. Canelo’s round.

Rd 8: Canelo lands a big uppercut to start the round. He pours on the pressure. Now it’s a toe to toe war. They’re both throwing it all right now, standing and trading. Cotto gets the better of it, Canelo looks bothered. But when Canelo lands, it hurts, because he’s so much stronger. They trade hooks. Cotto goes downstairs.  Cotto jabs and starts circling, looking to control this action a bit. Cotto with a lead right then a hook downstairs. Cotto double jabs. Canelo with an uppercut. Cotto to the body. This is a tough round to score. Cotto rallied late, but Canelo doing damage with early, hard landed shots wins him the round.

Rd 9: Action slower compared to last round’s blistering pace. For the first time seeing a couple of clinches, and more posing between the fighters. Each looking to pick his spot. Cotto throwing some hooks to the body. Now a triple jab. Canelo jabs, then lands a big hook. Misses with the big punch that followed it. Canelo lands a big uppercut. Cotto double jabs. Cotto trying to circle. Throws a hook which has no steam on it, Canelo lands a better hook. Cotto lands a good hook now. Cotto with a combination, partially blocked. Cotto trying to win the round with a late rally, probably still Canelo’s though.

Rd 10: Canelo with a left hook upstairs, then downstairs. Cotto with a hook to the body, then a straight right up top. Cotto bouncing around again. Canelo with a left hook, then a right hook to the body, Cotto complains about a kidney punch. Cotto jabs, then gets out of there, sticking and moving. Another jab. Canelo can’t pick his spot and just throw. Cotto jabbing. Canelo looks bad missing a 1-2. Canelo gets pushed down. Canelo can’t find his home with Cotto moving so much here. Canelo lands a big body shot. Cotto’s round though, punctuated by a big right upstairs.

Rd 11: Cotto with a big lead right hand that knocks Canelo’s head back. Cotto still moving around laterally and giving Canelo trouble that way. Cotto with a 1-2-3 that lands. Canelo misses his return. Misses a jab. Canelo goes to the body. Canelo with a left hook that lands. Cotto answers with a combination. Now a triple jab. Back on his toes. Canelo back to missing. Cotto jabs. Canelo rallies but not enough, Cotto’s Round.

Rd 12: On my card Cotto needs a knockdown to be able to win on the scorecards. But so many of these rounds have been tight. The two fighters come out swinging. Big shots being thrown around. Canelo goes hard to the body. Cotto with 3 jabs, Canelo with an overhand right. Canelo now unleashes a big combination. Canelo pressing ahead. Cotto answers. Both guys looking to do damage. A clinch breaks the action. Cotto jabs and circles. Cotto has a cut now. Cotto with a left hook. Canelo with a left hook that’s bigger. They exchange uppercuts. Canelo with a big body shot, gets Cotto to the ropes, he dances away. Cotto with a big left hook. Another left hook. Canelo with a 1-2. They trade to the final bell then embrace in respect. Canelo’s round, another close one.

ProBoxing-Fans.com scores it 115-113 for Canelo Alvarez.

We’re waiting for the official cards…

Official Scorecards: 117-111, 119-109, 118-110 for Canelo

The important thing is that the right guy won. We agree that Canelo won the fight on our cards. But those scorecards are ridiculous. Giving Canelo 11 rounds, or 10 rounds, is absolutely off base and shows that Cotto never would have had a chance. But again, Canelo earned the win, but don’t be fooled… this was a close, competitive affair that in truth could have gone in either direction.

Undercard Results Coverage

Takashi Miura vs. Francisco Vargas

After the misery of the last fight, Miura vs. Vargas opens up with some much needed action. Vargas gets Miura badly hurt after tagging him with a flush right hand. Vargas looked to apply the pressure but Miura survived through the rocky moment.

Miura gets his legs under him in Round 2, but Vargas still doing all of the effective work. Vargas continues to land hard, clean shots. Miura having his moments though and Vargas has lost a bit of the early steam.

Vargas has a cut in round 3 under his right eye. Miura seems a bit energized from that and has landed well to the body and head, as Vargas slows down in turn.

Miura continues building steam and towards the end of Round 4 he sends Vargas down with a pinpoint shot of his down. Vargas up and seems alright but that wasn’t a flash knockdown it was legit. Vargas’s first time ever being down.

In Round 5, momentum continues to be carried by Miura. He’s wading in and taking shots to unleash his own. Doing very effective work with thudding shots to the body which are slowing Vargas down more.

The cut under Vargas’s eye is getting worse now. And Miura keeps on breaking him down to the body. That has really gassed Vargas out, who’s struggling to find his rhythm or keep up a work rate right now. By end of Round 7 Vargas’s eye is pretty nasty.

Action continues in Round 8 in what has developed into a really excellent match. By end of the stanza, Miura gets Vargas backed up in the corner and is busting him up further. Vargas now has a cut over the eye too, with his rapidly deteriorating face, swollen, bruised and cut.

Vargas storms out of the corner at the start of the 9th and sends Miura down! He’s badly hurt! Staggering around, holding on for dear life. Vargas pouring on the pressure. Somehow Miura still up. Where did this come from? Vargas throwing it all.  Miura still there somehow.  And Weeks jumps in and waves off the fight! Vargas wins by TKO9!

Both of these guys proved so much, and gave so much, in the ring tonight. What a battle.

Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Drian Francisco

All Rigondeaux in the first, although not much action. Typical defensive pace of a Rigo fight. We’ll see if he can turn up the heat at all against an overmatched fighter.

Continues to be all Rigondeaux through the early going. Francisco only throws 20 punches combined through 2 rounds. Literally.

Still all Rigondeaux. Francisco can’t get anything done. Rigondeaux just fighting his fight and not forcing the action. Crowd booing. Announcers bored.

Round 8 now. Nothing has changed. This is as much of a snoozefest as you can get.

Rigondeaux won the decision, and somehow, the judges found some rounds to give Francisco. Any way, we get to move on now…

Jayson Velez vs. Ronny Rios

The fight between these two is starting at a fairly slow pace. Velez is generally busier, but Rios has had effective moments. He’s arguably the sharper, crisper puncher, while Velez is being more active. Through the opening 4 rounds, nobody has seized control.

Rios had landed a few low blows early in the fight. At the start of the 5th, Jay Nady deducted a point for a low blow, and seemed to be inserting himself unnecessarily into the action as he’s won’t to do.

The point deduction may have inspired Rios a bit, as in the 6th he’s doing very effective work. Velez seems to have tired, and is getting sloppier, while Rios is walking forward more and being assertive with his combinations, landing some solid shots.

Rios continues to be in control of the fight. Velez has gone on the defensive, as he’s either gassed out, got hurt by something and decided to close up, or both. While it looks like Rios is clearly controlling through 8, keep in mind the point deduction and that Velez is the favored fighter as we approach the final rounds and the scorecards.

Official cards: 97-92, 95-94, 96-93 all for Rios

Good, so no funny business there, Rios deserved the win.

Thanks for stopping by for our live Cotto vs. Canelo results and round by round blog, and keep on checking back with us over the coming days for more post-fight updates, aftermath and coverage.