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Mikaela Lauren vs. Klara Svensson photos & quotes from heated presser

Credit: KGZ Fougstedt

Tensions continue to rise ahead of the Swedish super fight between Mikaela Laurén (27-3, 12 KOs) and Klara “The Swedish Princess” Svensson (16-1, 5 KOs) on Saturday night in Stockholm where the bitter rivals will battle it out for the interim WBC Female Welterweight title and a chance to face female pound-for-pound number one Cecilia Brækhus.

At today’s final pre-fight press conference, Laurén was left outraged when it was announced there will be a coin toss tomorrow to decide who enters the ring second. ‘’It’s a scandal,’’ she said. ‘’I’m a former five-time World Champion, and we’re fighting in my hometown. It shouldn’t even be up for discussion.’’

Svensson, meanwhile, sensing her opponent’s discomfort, welcomed the news. ‘’I think a coin toss will be fun,’’ she said. ‘’Although for me, it’s more important who is left standing in the ring last, rather than who enters it first.’’

The ‘Swedish Princess’ went on to say that she expects their fight to live up to the hype and warned Laurén to prepare for her toughest career challenge.

‘’Forget about all the drama and Mikaela’s silly games,’’ she said. ‘’I want this to be a fight that people remember. It’s a huge occasion for Swedish boxing and I’m sure it’s going to be a great night for the fans.

”I’ve been training non-stop since May, and I couldn’t be better prepared. Mikaela had better be ready for the fight of her life.’’

When asked for his prediction, promoter Nisse Sauerland said it was impossible to pick a winner, and instead focused on the magnitude of the match-up.

‘’It’s a real 50-50 fight,’’ said Sauerland. ‘’And for me, it’s impossible to tell what is going to happen on Saturday night. That’s what makes this fight so interesting.

”It’s going to be the biggest fight between two Swedes since Paolo Roberto fought Armand Kranjc, and this time it’s happening at home!’’

As the press conference drew to a close, Laurén refused to do the customary face-to-face photographs: ‘’I don’t want to be anywhere near her, we can save that for the weigh-in.’’ And instead, chose to end proceedings by giving Svensson a cake with the numbers ’16-2’, alluding to the Malmö boxer’s record should she lose on Saturday night.

‘’I was going to give this to you after the fight,’’ said Laurén. ‘’But I know you need to gain some weight so I thought I would give it to you now!”

Svensson will be moving up a weight class to meet Laurén, the WBC’s World Super Welterweight Champion Emeritus, who is coming down a division for this fight.