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Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Garcia vs. Lopez Round by Round Results –

Undefeated Mikey Garcia puts his WBO Featherweight title on the line against the former champ, Juan Manuel Lopez. Each man comes into this fight looking to make a statement — JuanMa Lopez that he’s not done, and far from it, and Garcia that he’s at a different level and still on his ascent towards superstardom.

Right here, ProBoxing-Fans.com has you covered with our live Garcia vs. Lopez results and round by round blog. Take a look and see how the fight plays out.

Garcia vs. JuanMa Results – Scorecard

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Mikey Garcia 10 10 10 30
JuanMa Lopez
9 8 9 26
Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Credit: Chris Farina – Top Rank

Garcia vs. Lopez Round by Round Results

Rd 1: Garcia, 25, and Lopez, 29, opened tentatively. Garcia, who lost the title on the scales by weighing 2 pounds over the 126-pound limit, landed a series of  jabs, with Juanma hitting Garcia with a few right jabs from the southpaw stance. Action heating up.

Rd 2: Both trade hooks in the center of the ring. Garcia working the jab well. It’s early, but Lopez looks a bit wooden. Garcia lands a few hooks. Big right by Garcia and down goes Lopez! 40 seconds left. Lopez looks OK, but he was rocked. No follow up from Garcia.

Rd 3: More jabs from Garcia. Lopez painfully easy to hit. He looks a little shopworn. A few years ago, he was where Garcia is and it shows how quickly things can change in this brutal sport. slower round, but Garcia still in complete control. Lopez’ right eye looking like it’s closing. Garcia’s jab can’t miss.

Rd 4: Big one-two by Garcia, who’s landing increasingly flush shots now. His left, whether in the hook or jab form, cannot miss. At the halfway point, a Garcia right hand staggers Lopez and a left hook drops him hard. Lopez rises, but is unsteady. Referee Rafael Ramos stops the fight. Time is 1:35.

Impressive performance by the sharp Garcia. Juanma should probably think about hanging them up. His legs are gone and his mojo completely dissipated. Still, a sliver of the luster is off this win by Garcia failing to make weight, basically entering the ring at welterweight poundage in what was supposed to be a featherweight title bout. Nevertheless, nothing changes in regards to the growing perception that Garcia is one of the top young fighters on the sport. He’s smart in the ring and has great fighting instincts. His punches arrive at their target with startling velocity and he’s calm in the pocket. He’s the real deal.

On the televised undercard, rising American Lightweight Terrence Crawford, 20-0 (15 KOs) took on Alejandro Sanabria, 34-1-1 (25 KOs). The unheard-of Sanabria tagged Crawford with a few nice hooks in the 2nd round, the only highlights of the first few rounds. Crawford teed off on the Mexican import a bit in the third, showing glimpses of the offensive package that have many ballyhooing the future prospects of the Omaha native. Crawford kept it going in the 4th, with Sanabria’s level of resistance receding like referee Lawrence Cole’s hairline. After a similarly one-sided fifth, Crawford threw a lead left hook to open the 6th. Sanabria took it on the face, then embarked on a head-dive to the canvas, resulting in a somersault. Sanabria rose before the count of ten, but was wobbly and Cole stopped it at 17 seconds of the 6th round. Impressive win for Crawford.

Thanks for checking out our coverage of the fight, and be sure to check back with us all weekend long for more aftermath and coverage from the Garcia vs. JuanMa Lopez results.

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