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More on Rios vs. Gamboa: presser videos & interviews

Yesterday, we talked about the drama surrounding the Brandon Rios vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa fight, and the scheduled press conference in Los Angeles. Surprise, surprise, Gamboa was a no show, but Top Rank put on the front that they were still going on with the fight anyway.

The other piece of news was that they announced they would provide a $100,000 winner’s bonus for the fight. Well, right here you can get a video peek at the press conference, and you can watch Todd duBoef’s long speech about the fight, see what Rios has to say, and also watch quick one-on-one interviews with Rios and trainer Robert Garcia, conducted by Top Rank’s Crystina Poncher.

So, as you can see, there’s a few different videos to take in right here. It’s basically everything we’ve already talked about in terms of Rios vs. Gamboa, but now you can see it for yourself and make your own impressions of how it all played out at the presser.

Will Rios vs. Gamboa happen? At this point, regardless of what has been said, who knows.