Home News Nick Charles Passes After Lengthy Battle with Cancer

Nick Charles Passes After Lengthy Battle with Cancer

It is with sadness that we share the news that boxing broadcaster Nick Charles has finally passed, losing his battle with the bladder cancer which he had been coping with for quite some time, dating back to 2009. His struggle was well known within the boxing community, and garnered some mainstream attention as well, partly because of his former association with CNN as a sports anchor, and partly because of how undeniably inspirational and upbeat Charles remained throughout the entire affair of his terminal illness. He was 64 years old at the time of his death.

Charles, the long-time announcer on Showtime, got a final opportunity to broadcast a fight earlier this year, on HBO. It was somewhat of a dream chance for him, and even in the latter stages of his illness, he thrived in the role and didn’t miss a beat. During the past few months, there have also been numerous articles written about him in outlets ranging from Sports Illustrated, Yahoo, CNN.com and more.

His story was inspirational while also heartbreaking, as he videotaped messages to play to his young daughter at future birthday celebrations, yet seemed perfectly content with where he was and his life. Rather than waste away, he cherished every final minute, every meeting with friends, every chance to tell his story and spread a positive message, spend time with his family and more.

You can read CNN’s full-length story on Charles here.

Nick Charles will be missed, and we send our condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace.