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No end in sight for the ancient alien, Bernard Hopkins

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Bernard Hopkins Still at his Best:

They say even a broken clock is right twice a day- but for Bernard Hopkins it appears his clock is right just about all of the time. Contrary to common wisdom, Hopkins continues to defy the test of time and age. Perhaps as he claims, he is not a human. Maybe is indeed an Alien.

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime
Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

In a packed Boardwalk Hall, Hopkins took on a solid, although clearly outmatched competitor in Karo Murat. Hopkins engaged in a dirty, rough and tumble style affair, the kind of which he thrives in. In the later rounds of the fight, Hopkins had his man stunned and befuddled. While Murat landed a couple clean shots to Hopkins’ face throughout the fight, Hopkins replied only with his signature taunt, the tongue stick-out.

At one point Hopkins even kissed Murat on the back of the head on a clinch. Hopkins, who has a knack for taunting, knew exactly what he was doing, as he played head games with his opponent throughout the fight. The cuts that opened up over Murat’s eyes would prove to be detrimental to his ability to fight, as he would claim after the bout. Regardless, Hopkins was decisive, as he used a combination of tactics to pull out a win, including ferocious exchanges.

The final punch-stats showed that Hopkins landed 247 of 565 (44%) punches he threw, while Murat landed 147 out of 486 (30%) punches he threw. These stats are impressive for anyone, let alone a man who is nearing five decades on the planet.

His age didn’t show one bit, as an energized Hopkins preferred to stand in between rounds, rather than sit on his stool (something an older George Foreman used to do, too, coincidentally). It’s the latest record breaking setting performance for the Alien, as he continues to push his record as the oldest champion in boxing history further and further out of reach. And who knows how many more title victories will come?

It appears there is no end in sight for the ancient Alien, Bernard Hopkins. As Hopkins himself claims, maybe the only reasonable answer for his longevity is that he not from this world.