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Ortiz vs. Berto II Video Previews: Roundtable Fighter Interviews & Fight Promo


The Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto II welterweight rumble is now about a month away, as it takes place on February 11th. The rematch will be televised on Showtime, and right here you can find and watch two special video previews for the bout. First, take in a video featuring a sort of roundtable fighter interview session with both Ortiz and Berto giving their thoughts on the first fight and the rematch. Then, watch the official Showtime fight promo video as well.

Ortiz & Berto Roundtable Fighter Interviews

Each fighter gives his thoughts about what’s coming up, why or why not the rematch should be taking place, and what happened in the first meeting. Ortiz feels the rematch wasn’t really necessary, as the first fight wasn’t even close. But Berto talks about having Ortiz hurt on several occasions, and how he dropped his welterweight strap just for the purpose of putting this fight together, so he’s motivated and taking it very seriously to be certain.

Official Ortiz-Berto II Promo Video

This is the quick-hitting, official 30 second Ortiz vs. Berto II video promo from Showtime. Their first “epic thriller” of course was televised by HBO last April. But the rematch is on Showtime in a month, and they’re proud to be offering this hopefully just-as-thrilling rematch. Check out their commercial and official fight preview video.

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