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“Time for Truth” Presser Quotes & Notes – Expect a Fierce Friday Showdown

No chairs or punches were thrown at the “Time For Truth” press conference on Wednesday; but, it doesn’t take a palm reader to realize that NABA Light Middle Weight Champion Adam “A-Bomb” Trupish and Challenger Janks Trotter will never double date or break bread together at a church social.  On Friday, January 13 their obvious mutual contempt for each other will be settled in the ring at Desperado’s Night Club in Calgary, Alberta.

This promised war, in the ring, has more sub plots than a John Grisham thriller.  Trupish is the pedigreed Fighter with two trips to the Olympics and a boxing resume that suggests royal status. He was genuinely offended when Trotter asked if the two undefeated pugilists could meet in the ring to decide who was the best light middleweight in Alberta Province and Canada.  Adam and his loyal subjects aired their grievance over the internet airways. How dare Janks Trotter, a mere boxing peasant, challenge the King of Canadian Boxing?  He took his plea to the internet where he belittled Trotter by calling him his expletive. The war of words escalated until the Champion and King was forced to fight or retreat to his adopted throne in Edmonton, Alberta, a Western Province in Canada.

Adam was born in London, Ontario, an Eastern Canadian Province and some Western Province purists suggest “King” Trupish is a carpetbagger whose soul truly resides with the Eastern sector of Canada. At the press conference, Adam did nothing to dissuade this notion when he sat with fellow boxing birthers from Eastern provinces in Canada.  Is it coincidence that Trupish is fighting out of the Blue Corner which designates the visitor or  “Away” boxer while Trotter, a  Native of Western Canada  will come out of the Red  Corner representing his beloved Alberta?

Trupish was reasonably subdues at the conference; but, one of his mentors raised a few eyebrows when he intimated that boxers from Eastern Canada were superior to their Western counterparts.  He delivered his edict with the subtlety of a KGB agent and his admonishment of Western Canadian fighters was duly noted by former Canadian Boxing Champion Dale “Cowboy” Brown who attended the press conference. During a post conference chat, Brown told  Global News reporter Grant Pollock that Time For Truth  is arguably the best boxing card ever presented to fans in Calgary, Alberta. Brown is a resident in Alberta.

Halfway through the press conference the East vs. West confrontation was intensified when Calgary’s fiery Steve (The Dragon”) Claggett (Red Corner) warned Ryan Wagner (Blue Corner) to bring his A game to Desperado’s on Friday Night. Claggett, 12-1-1 takes on upset minded Wagner   in a scheduled for 8 round light welterweight bout. Wagner was added to the card when he upset highly touted Rory Coveney of Edmonton in a bout he dominated. Claggett didn’t mince words when he predicted the contest would be a lesson for the Ontario fighter who will enter the ring with a 4-1 record. In response, Wagner fired back with a stare and declaration that he would be ready for the outspoken Claggett. It should be a great night for boxing fans.

Tickets for the show are available at www.fanbaseboxing.com For those boxing devotees who can’t make it to Desperado’s; go to the following Link: http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/Boxing/Time_for_Truth_Trotter_vs_Trupish/1302