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Pacquiao vs. Bradley weigh-in results, photos & analysis

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Pacquiao-Bradley Weights: The Fighters Take to the Scales for Saturday’s PPV

Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley stepped on the scales this afternoon at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, in preparation for their big pay-per-view match coming up on Saturday night. Right here, fight fans can find a huge collection of Pacquiao vs. Bradley weigh-in photos, as well as the official Pacquiao vs. Bradley weights and the weigh-in results of all of the fighters taking part in the event. You’ll also find analysis of how the fighters looked and what it all means, as well as an overview of the event itself and much more. Check it out!

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Pacquiao-Bradley Weigh-in Pictures

Official Pacquiao vs. Bradley Weights

  • Manny Pacquiao: 147 lbs
  • Timothy Bradley: 146 lbs

Bradley stepped on the scales first and looked absolutely jacked, as he always does. He weighed in under the limit, and was all quiet intensity, you could see him brimming over with confidence and focus. Pacquiao got on the scales second and weighed a full 147 lbs. It’s interesting to see Pacquiao weighing more than his opponent for a change. But it’s also interesting to see a more muscular fighter than Pacquiao, as Bradley is just cut and is muscles all over.

As the two fighters squared off with one another, Bradley was trying to stare bullets through Pacquiao, while Pacquiao was simply smiling and laughing, and wasn’t getting into any of those antics. When asked why he was smiling, he said that “I’m happy because god is with me”. He wouldn’t reveal his plan, but was confident of the win.

Bradley also was super confident, and said that he was ready for war, and that the scene didn’t bother him. None of the fans will be with Pacquiao in the ring, he said. He’s hungry, determined and couldn’t have trained harder, so he’s ready.

For what it’s worth, Freddie Roach said that Tim Bradley won’t win a single round against Manny Pacquiao, and that Pacquiao’s speed and power will simply be too much for Bradley to handle. Of course, we’ll see how it all plays out on Saturday!

  • Mike Jones: 146.5 lbs
  • Randall Bailey: 146 lbs

The height difference between Jones and Bailey didn’t seem too large when they were standing face to face with one another, and Bailey definitely seemed focused on his task, trying to score a big upset win. Speaking of height, Jones doesn’t appear tall at all when he’s standing next to Jalen Rose, who has a solid foot of height on him.

  • Guillermo Rigondeaux: 122 lbs
  • Teon Kennedy: 122 lbs

This is kind of a placeholder fight here, as Rigondeaux has already been in with a clearly higher class of opponent than Kennedy, even though he has so little professional experience thus far. Rigondeaux will be looking not only to win, but look spectacular in the process.

  • Jorge Arce: 123.5 lbs
  • Jesus Rojas: 123 lbs

Arce and Rojas got into a long, extended stare down after they stepped on the scales. Both men seem calm, but of course Arce has been down this road a few more times than Rojas has, and that should figure to help give him an edge here.

Additional Weigh-in Notes & Analysis

The weigh-ins were packed with fans to check out the spectacle. Brian Kenny was giving the play by play for the Top Rank live stream, Crystina Poncher was providing coverage down on the scene, and former basketball star Jalen Rose was providing fighter interviews and other coverage as well.

They were taking their time with the weigh-ins, as the event technically began at 5:30 pm, but Pacquiao and Bradley didn’t step on the scale until after 6 pm, as TV stations were cutting in to provide coverage. The crowd didn’t mind too much though, with a filled to capacity crowd in attendance.

But Top Rank still waited another 10 minutes or so before having the main event fighters step on the scales, so it was a drawn out process. Finally, Michael Buffer came out to announce the Pacquiao-Bradley weigh-in, and Max Kellerman was also on hand.

There were some level Tecate girls in attendance to go along with the crew, along with various celebrities, tons of other active and past fighters, and more, adding to the total scene. Crowd was definitely much more in Pacquiao’s favor, as was to be expected, but Bradley didn’t really get booed or anything.

Some people are happy with the undercard… personally, I think it’s pretty terrible. But hopefully the Arce fight and Jones vs. Bailey prove to be exciting and fun, at least.

Thanks for checking out all of our coverage from the weigh-in, and our complete collection of Pacquiao vs. Bradley weigh-in results and pictures, and keep on coming back right here for more updates leading all the way up to the big fight.