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Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 Episode 2 Recap

The Second Episode of Pacquiao Margarito 24 7:

The Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito PPV bout is just two weeks away from taking place. The second episode of Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 aired on Saturday evening. Here’s a look back at what happened in episode 2 of the reality series.

Before we get started with Pacquiao Margarito 24/7 episode 2, we get a quick recap of last week’s episode, which was all about Pacquiao juggling all of his responsibilities and Margarito eager to prove the doubters wrong. Now we move onto the new stuff, and it’s camp Margarito in Oxnard, CA.

Trainer Robert Garcia is in the biggest fight of his life as well, and is analyzing every aspect of Margarito and his approach. Margarito says that once he beats Pacquiao, then Garcia will be the new big trainer in the sport that everyone wants to work with. Garcia’s father Eduardo was a former boxing trainer and coach, and trained Robert during his professional career, before he retired at the age of 26 from fighting.

Garcia views the upcoming challenge as an opportunity, and as Garcia talks, we see Margarito chopping tree trunks on a beach, working hard, and Garcia wants there to be no excuses come fight night, he wants the best Pacquiao that there could be.

Back in Baguio City, Pacquiao is at an impromptu celebration, a surprise wedding party, with promoter Bob Arum, his wife, training partners and more all along for the ride. Pacquiao takes the mic and does some singing.

In the gym, we see that Freddie Roach has been waiting around for a new speed bag, and then it takes quite a bit of work to install. Finally, Pacquiao enters the ring, and we see Amir Khan in the gym, training and then sparring with Pacquiao. Roach hopes that Khan brings some new things into training camp, and Pacquiao picks up his speed, sharpness and tightness against a top level fighter.

Team Pacquiao is on its way to Manilla for two days, and then will move back to Los Angeles and to the Wild Card Gym. Roach has said there has been more bad days than usual, and he hopes the gym in the US helps to fix things after a subpar 5 weeks in the Philippines.

Margarito has a rare off day during training camp, and takes a trip with his wife and some friends to relax and have some fun. At night, Margarito and Garcia watch tape of the Pacquiao vs. Clottey bout. The two dissect the footage to try to find some advantages, and are pleased with the prospects of his size and strength advantages.

Garcia reminds Margarito that he always has to be in a position to throw, and that he needs to be working, but not being impatient. Margarito says he’s not like those other guys Pacquiao has been fighting, like Clottey who didn’t throw punches and was a like a heavy bag standing there. Margarito says that Pacquiao knows this fight won’t be like that.

Even though Pacquiao is on the move, he fits in a workout and sparring session, although it was a fairly relaxed and slow paced session. Team Pacquiao is ready to hop on their flight to back to the states, and Roach gripes about how they are waiting in the airport, but Pacquiao could show up 10 minutes late and the plane would wait for him.

Lo and behold, Pacquiao shows up 15 minutes late, and the crew was happy to wait. About 13 hours later, Pacquiao arrives in the airport, and security and staff are waiting on hand, along with fans and media members. Pacquiao is happy to get to his destination.

At camp Margarito, the guys make fun of Margarito’s circumstances, strapping a giant cinder block onto his hands as Margarito looks away like Pacquiao had mocked the week before. Margarito refers to Pacquiao in a picture as “that bitch Pacquiao” and training partner Brandon Rios calls him an “asshole”.

Rios says at first he thought Margarito wouldn’t be good to have in the gym, but he proved him wrong. Margarito says that Rios is high strung, but that they have become great friends. He’s pushy but it doesn’t bother him. Margarito was shown around by Rios, and in turn has shown Rios and other guys in the gym how to work extra hard, and push with all you have to make it to the top of the sport.

Finally, Pacquiao is back at the Wild Card, although with a case of jet lag. Roach laments the poor training camp, but is ready to fix it now. Still, there are plenty of distractions, and Pacquiao is flying to Las Vegas over the weekend, and Roach and the other trainers are pissed off about it, and question Manny on it, who says that Arum requested it.

While Roach and Pacquiao work the mitts, Roach talks him up, and tells him you can be president one day, but right now you’re the best fighter in the world, and Margarito is what is on your mind. Pacquiao does indeed go to Vegas, but stays for just a few hours, campaigning with U.S. Senator Harry Reid.

Roach and Ariza are still ticked off about it, and Ariza says that Pacquiao tried to explain it away saying it’s just a quick trip. This whole camp has been quick trips he says, and meanwhile, we get a flash to camp Margarito where, surprise, he’s hard at work in the gym.

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