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Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 Episode 4 Recap

The Final Episode of Pacquiao Margarito 24 7:

Pacquiao Margarito 24 7 Episode 4 aired on Friday night. It’s the final episode of the reality television series, and it brings us all the way to the final preparations, press conferences and fight week events before the bout itself on Saturday night. Check out this full recap of Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 episode 4.

Before we get to the new stuff with the final episode of Pacquiao Margarito 24-7, we look back at last week’s show. Pacquiao proclaims he’s in great shape, Margarito keeps pushing hard in the gym and proclaiming his innocence. Both Freddie Roach and Robert Garcia are extremely confident in their men as preparations continue.

OK, we’re onto Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 episode 4, and we get a look inside Cowboys Stadium, the billion dollar palace where the fight will be held. Now we’re with camp Margarito, still ready to prove the doubters wrong and move past the hand wrapping incident. They are packing and leaving their training at Garcia’s gym in Oxnard, CA, to get down to Dallas for fight week. Margarito says, if he knocks Pacquiao out, people will believe in him.

Margarito and his wife fly in first class, while Garcia and Brandon Rios travel in coach. Rios calls Pacquiao a bitch and says Margarito will knock him out, and Margarito rips up a magazine with Pacquiao’s face on it. They hit up the hotel gym after arriving, late in the night, and Margarito looks at his ripped physique and says, No steroids my friends, all natural, a dig at some of the rumors surrounding Pacquiao.

Pacquiao is having his last day of training at the Wild Card Gym.  The camp is relaxed and lighthearted, and the gym is filled up with spectators, fans and even celebrities, including actor Robert Duvall. Both Roach and Alex Ariza, along with the rest of the team, are now fully confident in Pacquiao, his condition and his upcoming performance. Roach says he’s going to be perfect, he’ll destroy Margarito, and he’s not going to touch us.

Pacquiao and his team hop on a plane that they have chartered out. His picture is on the side of the plane, and he has over 150 team members, family members and supporters on board. They head to the Gaylord Texan Hotel, the same hotel that Margarito and his camp is also staying at.

We’re back at Cowboys Stadium, where we learn that it takes 12 hours to roll up the turf from the field, the first step for getting the stadium ready for the fight. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have been busy this week, having just fired coach Wade Phillips, and Jones says this season has been a shocker. He wants to use the fight as inspiration for his team.

Tuesday is media workout day, and we see Bob Arum at the event glad-handing, but then we hear about the tragedy of his son, John Arum. He went missing and then his body was found days later, having fallen from a mountain peak. Arum says that Pacquiao was extremely supportive, calling multiple times per day, and dedicating this fight to John.

Margarito has been reveling in the spotlight, and we see him attend a large Mexican rally and festival, and then moving to a second appearance with more throngs of fans and supporters. He loves that he has the support of the Mexican fans and that there will be many of them there during the fight.

Margarito’s wife Michele says that she’s very nervous as the fight comes near, and she feels it the most when he will walk out into the ring. Garcia says that it’s the biggest fight of his career as a trainer, and it’s the biggest fight of Margarito’s career. He says that Margarito has been daunted by this for two years and now needs to get it off his back.

Margarito says that he hopes to God that Manny is ready, because they are going to war. Meanwhile, team Pacquiao goes to a local high school for an outdoor workout and training session. Pacquiao says that there is pressure on him to focus and win, because he has millions of fans expecting that.

Roach says that he has anxiety too, and that’s because this is all that he does, boxing. They have been together for 9 years and 23 fights, and have a very close bond. Pacquiao says he never expected to be in the position he is in the sport, but he’s not going to stay much longer in boxing. He’s eager to start a new career in politics and serve people. Roach says that if Mayweather doesn’t come to the table then this could be it for Pacquiao.

Now we’re at the final press conference, and there’s a lot of tension there because of the Margarito video mocking Roach and his Parkinson’s. Garcia makes an apology about it, and then calls him directly later to apologize again. Roach accepts that apology, but said those guys can go fuck themselves, because he knows how they really feel.

Now we’re in a final montage about the event, the fighters and the trainers. It’s two men struggling to find their identities in life, with Pacquiao reaching to the stars and politics, and Margarito striving to regain his reputation and start anew. It all happens on Saturday night, and that’s where Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24 7 episode 4 ends, and the countdown to the fight is now just in hours.

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