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Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 results & round by round updates

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez 4 Results

On Saturday, December 8th, the epic series continues, as Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez square off against one another for the fourth time in their historic series. Right here, we’ll be providing live Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 results and round by round coverage, giving you a detailed breakdown of the entire fight right as it happens. We’ll also be live blogging the full undercard and providing event updates all throughout the night.

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 Scorecard

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Pacquiao vs. Marquez Round by Round Results

Rd 1: Crowd actually stronger in support for Marquez at the start, chanting for their guy. He was just dead serious in the final stare down. Marquez going to the body. Pacquiao looking active with his feints and movement. Pacquiao lands a straight left. Marquez jabs to the body. Each guy missing with most of his shots here in the early going. Pacquiao jabs, lands a 1-2. Looking good here in the early going for Pacman, his round.

Rd 2: The guys are still feeling one another out here. Marquez starting slow considering his stance coming into this fight. You wonder if that new muscle mass has slowed him down a bit. We’ll see. Pacquiao leading and dictating right now. Nice 1-2. Marquez jabs. Pacquiao keeping a very high and tight guard. Marquez looks for a lead right. Pacquiao does a confident little jump step. Rushes in, misses his shot. Pacquiao’s round.

Rd 3: Pacquiao very quick tonight and really just in rhythm right now. Marquez looking to slow him down, goes to the body with a few hooks. Pacquiao doing tons of feinting. Suddenly Marquez decks him with a big right hand, sends him to the canvas! Pacquiao right up and looks mad, but affected. Crowd going insane! Marquez doesn’t go crazy aggressive after, continues fighting with himself. Then the two start trading like crazy at the end of the round. Great action!

Rd 4: Each man comes out a bit timid here to start the round. Marquez looks for a lead left hook, blocked. Pacquiao’s game has completely changed right now, much less feinting and movement, much less confidence with his attack. He looks for a few jabs. Marquez back to the body. Marquez misses with a power shot, Pacquiao looks for the uppercut in return, comes inside. Marquez lands a straight right, then goes downstairs. Pacquiao answers. Very close round to Marquez.

Rd 5: About one minute into the round Pacquiao answers the knockdown and sends Marquez down! A feint and then a straight left found its home, and Marquez wobbled and his glove touched the canvas. He has to hate himself for letting that happen right now. He gets up though and lands a big straight right of his own. The two guys are trading in center ring right now. Back and forth action. Marquez gets hurt from a big inside shot, Pacquiao pressing, Marquez falls into the ropes. They are winging away with huge shots. Wow, what a round! Pacquiao just unloading at the bell.

Rd 6: Marquez bleeding bad under his nose. Pacquiao starts swarming, landing lefts. Marquez lands a big right hand. Marquez’s face is a bloody mess right now. All of Pacquiao’s confidence and movement are back now. Setting up his shots with those feints. Finding a home for his lead straight left. Each man looking to pick his shots, neither throws for a few seconds. Pacquiao lands a straight left, Marquez lands a HUGE right hand and PACQUIAO IS OUT! HES DOWN FACE FIRST ON THE CANVAS! HE’S STILL DOWN, and OUT! HE HAS NOT MOVED! MARQUEZ WINS BY KNOCKOUT!!!

Wow. Just wow. As Pacquiao sits up on the canvas, miserable and in disbelief, you have to wonder if this will lead to either a) a 5th fight or b) Pacquiao’s retirement.

Official time of Marquez’s victory is 2:59 of Round 6, when he landed the right hand heard round the world.

Undercard Results & Fight Night Updates:

12:25 am – Let’s get ready to ruuuumbble! Fighter intros and then fight time!

12:11 am – The anthems are done. Just waiting for ring walk time now… 12:17 — Marquez begins his ring walk, looks stoic, super focused, ready to go… 12:21 — Pacquiao makes his ring walk, to Thunderstruck, channeling some Arturo Gatti, and really driving home the KO-mindset he’s in.

12:04 am – The fighters are warming up right now. We’re getting into the national anthems now, and we have 3 of them tonight – USA, Mexico and Philippines.

10:44 pm – We see a backstage video of Merchant and Pacquiao… but it’s Pacquiao that interviews Larry Merchant. Funny stuff. So is Pacquiao so loose that he can joke like this, or he’s not completely focused.

10:36 pm – Referee Kenny Bayless gives the pre-fight instructions to the locker rooms of the fighters.

10:20 pm We get a glimpse of Mitt Romney visiting the locker rooms of Manny Pacquiao in an interesting scene.

9:33 pm – We see a ringside shot of Sergio Martinez in the crowd. And right in front of him? Mitt Romney!

9:20 pm – We see a video of Pacquiao and wife Jinkee entering the arena about 30 minutes ago. We also see footage of Marquez coming into the arena as well, looking very focused.

Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Michael Farenas

50 Cent to perform live for Gamboa’s ring entrance. And he gets lowered into the ring via ropes from the jumbotron as he raps to his new single. Very interesting scene. Gamboa weighs 148 pounds unofficially today, which is obviously huge.

Gamboa just so much faster, and also physically stronger, than Farenas. Good to see him in action once again. Controlling the action, picking his shots.

At the end of the 2nd round, the two begin exchanging combinations a bit and trading body shots. Then Gamboa sends Farenas down. He gets up, but he looks a bit overwhelmed.

Gamboa comes right back out in the 3rd and begins landing hard shots. Farenas starts coming back with some of his own hard shots though. Gamboa looks a bit tired from that early rush, and he steps off the gas. Probably also looking to get rounds in.

Farenas has been cut as a result of head butts, but Gamboa isn’t cut. Farenas coming in wildly now and getting the crowd excited. Farenas continuing to land some hard clean shots. Crowd loving it. Gamboa not attacking right now.

We’re in round 5 now, and Gamboa has slowed down quite a bit over the past few stanzas. Doing good body work though, and Farenas is pretty bloody. He’s very unorthodox, getting into a crazy deep crouch and bob and weave here and there. Gamboa very confident and relaxed, just not doing much with his offense right now.

Whether it’s the layoff, the muscle mass or who knows what, but Gamboa isn’t doing much in there, and letting Farenas stay in the fight. And, as I say that, Gamboa opens up at the start of the 7th and sends Farenas down pretty quickly. Farenas gets up and starts trading though and the two go toe to toe. Good action. Things then slow back down as Gamboa commences his relaxation routine here.

Crowd gets a bit restless once again as Gamboa is walking around the ring with his hands down and not throwing punches. When he does, they are slow and lazy especially in comparison to how he usually is. But still just at such a higher level than Farenas that he can continue getting away with it.

And my lucky streak of good timing keeps up! Midway through the 9th round Gamboa gets sent to the canvas in an exchange. And he’s badly hurt, stumbling around and trying to hold on. Begins recovering his legs and he gets them back and makes it out of the round, but quite the scare for him there.

Gamboa seems alright in the 10th, and actually is covering up now to protect himself as he bounces around. Good comeback round for him just to reestablish himself. He continues cruising in the 11th, as Farenas had his great opportunity but it seemingly came and went. The pattern continues in the 12th, game effort from Farenas and up and down performance for Gamboa.

Official scorecards read: 117-109, 118-108, 117-108 for Gamboa

Miguel Vazquez vs. Mercito Gesta

Vazquez and Gesta feeling each other out in the beginning. Vazquez starts utilizing his movement and creating space. Gesta looking perhaps a bit confused in there about how to attack. Action is fairly slow here. Vazquez continues dictating the fight, he’s busier and using his movement effectively.

Gesta needs to pick up his activity and find a way to land some clean shots. Vazquez just moving too much for him, he’s too tricky, Gesta can’t find a place. Meanwhile, Vazquez is landing his own lead shots with a very high success rate. All Vazquez here in the opening few rounds.

Gesta increasingly frustrated in there, can’t catch up with Vazquez who is just a perpetual motion machine in there. More of the same and we’re midway through the fight right now.

The HBO crew is also talking quite a bit about the fact that Javier Capetillo – he of the infamous Antonio Margarito hand-wraps – is sitting about 10 rows back of ringside and is trying to give instruction to Vazquez. He’s not allowed to be ringside or in the corner, but he’s still here.

Vazquez just dominating the action in there completely, and the action is slow. Gesta looks complacent in there, just following Vazquez around, throwing one punch at a time and missing. Vazquez circles and changes distance, always moving, lands a quick shot or two and continues on his way.

If there aren’t a lot of updates and details on this fight, it’s because there’s just not much to report on. Same stuff over and over again, Gesta almost seems like he’s not trying at times. The crowd doesn’t sound like it’s paying any attention either. Not taking away anything from Vazquez, he’s doing what he should, and Gesta isn’t offering anything.

And finally, eventually, the fight comes to its close. Vazquez probably didn’t do himself any favors here, winning easily with a tough style, in an unexciting fight. Not a lot of big names will sign up for that.

Official scorecards read 117-111, 119-109 and 118-110 for Vazquez.

Javier Fortuna vs. Patrick Hyland

Fortuna vs. Hyland starts off fairly slowly as the fighters look to feel each other out a bit. Each man is here against likely the toughest opponent of his career to date. Fortuna dictating and leading more, Hyland looking to find a place for his attack.

In the 3rd, action is halted as Hyland is hit low. After it resumes, Fortuna picks up the pace and digs to the body, is opening up with combinations upstairs. Now he’s holding his hands down at his sides and just throwing quick shots upstairs at will. So much faster and more athletic. He’s waiting for a chance to land a big bomb.

Hyland just not busy enough. As soon as he opens up, he gets hit, and so he’s not opening up much. Should be working behind his jab more and doing more body work to try to slow Fortuna down. Fortuna though isn’t consistent with his attack either. Slow 4th round after he opened up in the 3rd.

Fortuna warned for a punch after the bell. Fighting very casually in there, but he has some bad tendencies which could cost him either in this fight, or against a future, tougher opponent. Crowd getting restless in rounds 5 and 6 as there isn’t much action.

In Round 7, Fortuna either begins recouping a bit to get his 2nd wind, or he’s just actually gassing out. In turn, Hyland is getting a bit more confident and active, and likely won the round.

Action really just crawling in the 8th, with Fortuna likely doing enough to take the round but not exactly impressing. Definitely has lost steam on his punches as well. In the 9th, slow action is highlighted by Fortuna tumbling to the canvas and landing fairly hard after the fighters got tangled up.

Right after that, Hyland hits him low. When the action resumes, Fortuna suddenly starts opening up and winging wild shots, and the two stand and exchange combinations for a bit. Best action of the night, even if it’s short-lived.

Fortuna is tired now, and he gets hit moving straight back. Hyland lands a few nice clean rights as Fortuna is tired and sloppy. On replay, the second time that Fortuna hit the deck could have been called a knockdown, as he was hit in the process.

Hyland putting on pressure in the 10th, and doing some good work. Fortuna just doesn’t have much energy left. Could be an opportunity for Hyland to try to get something done late.

He does look to get things done in the closing rounds, but nothing is happening, too little too late, and Fortuna is a bit rejuvenated as the fight reaches its final bell. Should be a clear win for Fortuna, but he needs to work on his conditioning and technique when he steps up in class.

Official scorecards read: 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113, Unanimous Decision for Javier Fortuna


That does it for the Pacquiao-Marquez results, and for the entire evening. Thanks for checking us out and be sure to come back for the post-fight coverage and aftermath. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed following along all evening with our Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 round by round results!