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Pacquiao vs. Rios 24/7 episode 3 recap

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The third and final episode of Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios 24/7 debuted on Thursday evening on HBO, with the fight now just a few days away.

Right here, you’ll find the full Pacquiao vs. Rios 24/7 episode 3 recap to bring you up to date on all of the latest happenings as the fighters approach fight night.

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We begin 24/7 Pacquiao vs. Rios episode 3 with the flight from California to Macau for Team Rios. Rios loved it, in the comfort of business class and all of the luxury amenities they had. When they landed, Rios was immediately ready to go into fight mode and show the world that he’s ready.

Rios, certainly, is not in Kansas anymore. In Macau, the largest gambling center in the world, the fight is hosted at the Venetian Macau.

We see Rios conducting his original public workout session. Of course, fight “night” in Macau will actually be early in the morning. So the fighters have to train in the morning to adjust. So Rios is training at 9 am and has been adjusting to the time and says he feels comfortable.

Garcia is hanging out with Rios, and is talking a ton of crap about Roach and his gym. He said Roach should be embarrassed by saying he has a better gym than he does. And he just goes on and on.

Next on Pacquiao-Rios 24 7, Jinkee Pacquiao is on the scene, and Pacquiao gets to see his children. Pacquiao has four kids, and they’re all returning for the first time since Typhoon Haiyan. Pacquiao gets to stay at home and enjoy it far longer than usual, since Macau is just a short flight away from General Santos City in the Philippines.

It’s a big day of sparring for Pacquiao, and he’s facing a tough, aggressive Filipino, a big, strong, English fighter, and the speedy, skilled Zou Shiming, the Chinese Olympic legend. Pacquiao is clearly much larger and stronger but Shiming is there to showcase speed and quickness.

For Pacquiao though, this all doesn’t mean too much. As he learned in his last fight, a knockout punch could come at anytime. So it’s all bout preparation beforehand and then focus in the ring, and then seeing how it all plays out.

Back to Macau with Team Rios, and “Bam Bam” is running around a track in a local area. Alex Ariza is leading the training session, and Rios very much believes in what he says and that Ariza is one of the best in the business. Rios says he’s been losing weight, and he feels strong and healthy.

Team Rios visits a local gym, and Rios showcases some techniques to the young fighters. They seem honored and impressed to have the opportunity and Rios seems at ease and just has a good time.

Pacquiao takes time to record a message about Typhoon Haiyan and people needing relief and assistance. But in the gym, it’s all about the fight. Roach talks about how it’s no secret he doesn’t like the other camp, and he can’t wait until they kick their ass.

Pacquiao is excited to fight in Macau, his first fight outside the U.S. in 7 years. He says it’s good for fans in that part of the world. Team Pacquiao, Roach and about 150 other people hop on a flight to Macau, during which Pacquiao is mostly in Bible study. Roach says it’s a big fight for him and for Pacquiao, and the team checks into the Venetian as the fight draws closer.

Next, it’s an early A.M. training session for team Pacquiao, to prepare for the odd hours of the fight. Roach says everyone is making a big deal about the time, but it’s really not. When the bell rings, the fight begins, and that’s it. Pacquiao and Roach host a public workout with tons of media, and Roach talks about the fun ride he’s had with Pacquiao.

He says it’ll be sad when it’s all done, and Pacquiao talks about Roach being more than a trainer, but a friend. Roach says the fight is easy, and that tough guys don’t win fights, good fighters win fights, and Pacquiao’s a much better fighter.

Everything he does we do better, Roach says, continuing that Rios is losing weight because he’s fat and he’s lazy and that doesn’t win fights. He says that if Manny does lose, he will tell him to retire, and they absolutely shouldn’t lose this fight.

Then we get to the controversy between Roach and Team Rios. There’s a conflict over time, and Team Rios doesn’t want to leave. Garcia is very adamant that they’re not leaving, and there’s a lot of back and forth. Ariza first mocks his Parkinson’s,  then kicks him, and the whole Rios team and Garcia start being aggressive, and Roach starts hurling some curses and insults as well.

Neither side wanted to back down and a lot of shit was said, and they’re all saying it didn’t matter to them, and only to the other side. But the incident passes, and that’s that, and of course, neither Pacquiao nor Roach were involved in it.

And with that, we go into training montage mode, and Pacquiao-Rios 24/7 episode 3 comes to a close.

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