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Pacquiao vs. Rios results & round by round updates

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios Results & Round by Round

On Saturday, November 23, Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios comes our way from Macau, China, on HBO pay-per-view. Right here, you’ll find live Pacquiao vs. Rios round by round results, with ongoing updates throughout the entire evening. We’ll also be covering the entire undercard and all of the early action from the event.

Will Pacquiao return to form after his yearlong absence and his devastating KO loss? Will “Bam Bam” Rios pull off the monster upset? Follow along with our Pacquiao vs. Rios results and round by round blog to see how it all plays out.

Pacquiao vs. Rios Scorecard

Manny Pacquiao101010101010101010101010120
Brandon Rios999999999999108

Pacquiao vs. Rios Round by Round Results

Rd 1: The crowd goes nuts for Manny Pacquiao, and Pacquiao is all smiles during his ring walk and the lead up to the bout. Pacquiao starting the fight leading, Rios laying back with his guard up. Rios really tentative right now. Pacquiao the only one throwing to start things off. Paquiao seems a little bit dry though, doesn’t have a great sweat going. Pacquiao lands a few lead lefts. Goes to the body. Rios falls backwards from a body shot but it’s a slip. Pacquiao jumps on him anyway with combinations. Rios gets a hold of Pacquiao and starts going to work, some digging body shots and then a few punches upstairs. Pacquiao with a 1-2. Rios smiles after a punch lands. All Pacquiao in Round 1.

Rd 2: Pacquiao opening up to begin the round. Rios responds with some body shots. Pacquiao goes downstairs, and Rios answers him back downstairs again. Rios being pretty measured here in the early going. Pacquiao jumps in with a combination. Pacquiao digs to the body, lots of body work downstairs by both men. Definitely a better round for Rios here, he stood his ground, but Pacquiao punctuates the stanza with a huge, flush shot, and then poured it on with about a dozen shots to close the round. Pacquiao’s round.

Rd 3: Rios begins Round 3 a bit more aggressively. Pacquiao with a 1-2, then swirls away. Lead left for Pacquiao, then another, as he pries for an opening. Two more lead lefts. Pacquiao on his toes here, bouncing around, leading. Rios mostly covering up, can’t catch up with the hand- and foot-speed. Pacquiao lands, then pushes him away, showing him who’s boss. All Pacquiao here. Left hook for Pacquiao. Then a combination. Rios bulls forward. Chases Pacquiao. Pacquiao’s round.

Rd 4: Rios shaking off big shots that Pacquiao lands. But he’s taking those shots. Now Rios comes forward, grabs a hold, and starts roughing Pacquiao up. Pacquiao tries to break, Rios doesn’t have it. Pacquiao with a right hook to the body. Rios starting to pick up his work rate more. Swings wildly, misses, Pacquiao counters and then bounces away. Rios bulls forward again, tries to trap him on the ropes, Pacquiao escapes. They clinch, trade shots, and the round ends.

Rd 5: Pacquiao lands a big left, Rios sticks out his tongue. Pacquiao does some foot shuffling. Pacquiao with another left upstairs, and then lefts downstairs. Big shots, but Rios isn’t that bothered. It’ll be interesting to see if that continues. Pacquiao jabs a bit, moves away. Rios comes forward, holds, looks to rough up. Referee breaks ’em. He gets inside and roughs up again. Pacquaio keeps him at bay with two four or five punch combinations. Pacquiao with a jab, then a combination downstairs, then Rios fires back, mostly misses. Another Pacquiao round.

Rd 6: Pacquiao still finding a home for his straight left. Rios continues sticking out the tongue afterwards. Pacquiao is all about looking for the lead left. Jab from Pacquiao. Rios misses with a hook. Rios takes a deep breath, could be getting gassed. Pacquiao looks to the referee for some help, and Rios tags him as the ref allows it, second time tonight. Pacquiao better watch that. But Pacquiao then takes action into his own hands and unleashes a solid series of punches. Rios visibly has less steam in him at the end of this round.

Rd 7: Seems less and less like Rios is going to come on here. He is swelling up, he’s looking a bit more tired, he’s slowed down. Pacquiao meanwhile feeling more confident, more in a rhythm, landing his combinations at will. Rios keeps shaking the shots off but Pacquiao just jumping in and out with ease and landing without problem. Rios finally holds him and lands a right hand. Then gets him to the ropes and looks to unload, but Pacquiao’s gone already. Lead left from Manny. Right hook. Pacquiao shutout continues.

Rd 8: Rios resorting to chasing Pacquiao around a bit. Finally catches up with him and gets a hold, and he opens up here as he has an opportunity. No real damage done. Rios looking disheartened. Pacquiao continuing to use his footwork and angles, moving in and out. Rios has no answer. Rios bleeding from his nose, swelling up. Keeps on sticking his tongue out, but not offering much else.

Rd 9: Rios with an injection of energy here, storming forward and swinging for the fences. Pacquiao retaliates but unloading with a combination, all connecting. Rios tries ducking and dodging, continuing to come ahead, but Pacquiao not deterred. He’s just way too fast, too skilled, and he’s been in the zone here all night. Pacquiao has only gotten faster, more active, as the fight has gone on. Pacquiao snaps his head back with a jab. Follows it up with a 1-2. Rios grabs a hold of him but they break and that’s it for the round.

Rd 10: More of the same to begin this round. Rios gets warned by the ref, and walks away from it. Pacquiao begins lighting him up, he’s throwing rapid-fire combinations. Mixes in a body shot. Goes back upstairs. Snaps his head back with a jab. Rios swollen and moving slowly around the ring, all Pacquiao, all day, here.

Rd 11: The only question here is if Pacquiao can get the stoppage. We know that Robert Garcia won’t stop it. So it’ll be up to Pacquiao or the referee. Rios still showing life, coming on here. He lands a couple of left hooks which reinvigorates him a bit, and puts Pacquiao on the backpedal. Rios doing some of his best work of the night. A couple of jabs. Pacquiao jabs. Pacquiao 1-2s. Pacquiao lead left. Shut down that little mini Rios offensive pretty quick.

Rd 12: Pacquiao remaining aggressive. Rios still coming forward, but doesn’t have much to offer besides literally coming forward. Rios bleeding from his eyes, swollen up all over the place. Pacquiao finally wobbles Rios a little bit. Rios clinches. Pacquiao fires off a 4-punch combination which lands clean. The crowd erupts over the final 30 seconds. Rios says bring it, and Pacquiao does, and lands more shots. The two fighters stare at one another after teh fight, and finally, Pacquiao hugs him and they embrace and that’s it.

ProBoxing-Fans.com scores it 120-108 for Pacquiao

Official scores: 120-108, 119-109, 118-110

Manny Pacquiao Post-Fight Quotes

“He hit me with a good, solid punch. And I tell you, it’s hard. It’s hard. I hurt.” — On being hit with a big shot in Round 5.

“My time is not over yet. Rios is not an easy opponent. He’s a good fighter, a strong fighter, I considered this fight one of the toughest of my career.”

“After the fight, we are all brothers and sisters.” — On showing respect to Alex Ariza and Team Rios.

“I would like to thank all the Filipino people, especially to those people who are affected by typhoon. The fight is for you. The honor is for you. Thank you so much to all of you.”

Brandon Rios Quotes:

“Manny did a great job, he’s very fast.”

“I thought I was a four round fighter, but I got through 12 rounds.”

Undercard Results & PPV Updates

Today’s official weights: Manny Pacquiao is 150 lbs, Brandon Rios is 159 lbs.

11:37 pm – Pacquiao’s in the ring now, so the fight’s about to start! Ding ding ding!

11:30 pm – Ring walks, Brandon Rios on his way to the ring first.

11:10 pm – Gradovich-Dib is over. So Pacquiao vs. Rios is next!

10:35 PM – Gradovich vs. Dib II getting underway shortly. Interesting note: Robert Garcia is working the corner for Gradovich, right before the main event… a bit surprising.

10:10 PM – Andy Ruiz vs. Tor Hamer set to begin in a few.

9:40 PM – The Zou Shiming fight is about to get underway.

Evgeny Gradovich vs. Billy Dib Results

These two know each other well after their first fight, of course. Dib is looking to take his title back while Gradovich is looking to make a big impression and show he’s a legitimate champion.

Gradovich begins the fight as the busier man, coming forward, in seek and destroy mode, as is his style. He gets a cut opened up on his head though from what’s most likely an accidental head butt, so we’ll see if that affects him at all later on.

Dib struggling to find his footing in the early going. Tried the outside game and couldn’t find a home for much offense. Now he’s mostly staying in the pocket, but Gradovich is loving it, and is getting better of the fight on the inside. Fight heating up a bit though and providing some good action.

Fight getting a bit ugly, with lots of holding, even as there’s some good action. Gradovich is pretty one-note with his game, but it’s a pretty effective note, and that’s no surprise. Dib having better success in Rounds 4 and 5, but enough to win these rounds? Maybe not.

Gradovich sends Dib down in Round 6. Dib looking exhausted here and he doesn’t have an answer, and he can’t keep Gradovich off of him. In Round 7, Gradovich continues bringing the pressure, getting Dib into the corner and unloading. Dib fights out but not looking good in there. Big body shot from Gradovich.

Dib comes out for Round 8 as a southpaw. Not going well for him though, as Gradovich lands a big shot and then throws about three dozen straight as Dib lays in the corner. Some great defense from Dib in that exchange, but you gotta wonder how much more of this he can take, or his corner and the ringside officials will let him take.

Dib’s corner keeps on threatening to pull the plug but they aren’t. Fight could be stopped at any point. Dib lands a low blow, and action is briefly halted, and the ref warns Dib. And just a moment later, Dib’s  corner runs in and stops the fight, and embraces his defeated, distraught fighter.

Evgeny Gradovich defeats Billy Dib via TKO9

Andy Ruiz vs. Tor Hamer Results

If you don’t know much about Andy Ruiz, then read our column from a few months back, after he defeated Joe Hanks – Score One for the Fat Guys.

Hamer has success in Round 1, finding Ruiz easy to hit, and getting him hurt on a few occasions. Ruiz needs to get into this fight, or Hamer is going to score an upset. In Round 2, Ruiz does start to get settled, and lands some good shots, looking more confident in there. Hamer though still finding a home for hard right hands behind his jab.

Ruiz comes out strong in Round 3, and backs up Hamer with some big shots. Is Hamer slowing down already? Ruiz getting more comfortable as Hamer begins retreating.

And guess what? Tor Hamer does exactly what he did last year, and refuses to get off his stool in the very early-going of a fight. Hamer doesn’t come out for Round 4, and just like that, the fight’s over. And Andy Ruiz wins.

It’ll go down as an early TKO victory for Andy Ruiz, but definitely some question marks about his defense.

Andy Ruiz via TKO4

Zou Shiming vs. Juan Tozcano Results

All Zou Shiming here in Rounds 1 and 2. Looking more confident in the ring than his first few pro fights, more power on his shots, crisp all-around game. Jab is also working well. Tozcano tough and still throwing, but already bloodied up early on.

Shiming pours on the pressure in Round 3 and gets Tozcano trapped on the ropes. Tozcano taking some big shots, also takes a flush right from Shiming while on the break. Tozcano has a real bad swelling and cut under his right eye but the doctor allows the fight to go on.

More of the same as the fight moves through its final rounds. Tozcano taking a beating here, in a fight which likely could have been stopped at any time.

Another big-name prospect in an easy walk-through performance, all Shiming here.

Official scores: 60-54, 60-54, 60-52

Felix Verdejo vs. Petchsamuthr Duanaaymukdahan Results

Felix Verdejo is one of the classiest and most polished prospects in the game right now. He wasted no time putting that skill on display, showcasing fast hands, crisp punching, sharp technical skills, and a complete arsenal. All Verdejo through the first two rounds, although his tough 8-1 opponent kept coming forward and winging shots, looking for an opponent.

Verdejo lands a big right hand in Round 3, but his opponent, whom the HBO crew has dubbed “Mookie” for ease of pronunciation, has a great chin. Verdejo seems mostly content to get some work in here and put in the rounds.

More of the same in Rounds 4 and 5, with Verdejo connecting with two- and three- left hook combinations, uppercuts, and more. “Mookie” certainly does have a hell of a chin and great warrior spirit. Just keeps coming for more.

Mookie deducted a point in Round 6 for low blows. Verdejo just picking him apart at the end of his jab, with jarring uppercuts and big power shots mixed in.

Easy win and a good workout for Verdejo.

Official Scores: 60-53, 60-53, 60-53 for Verdejo

Be sure to check back over the coming days for more post-fight coverage, updates and analysis, and thanks for stopping in and checking out all of our live coverage of the Pacquiao vs. Rios results!

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