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Patrick Nielsen reflects on life in training camp

Credit: Team Sauerland

Boxing is a dog’s life. Fighters like Denmark’s Patrick Nielsen (23-1, 11 KOs) spend endless hours in the gym, building their strength and honing their skills, all in anticipation for 12 x 3 minutes of action, fighting under the bright lights and critical gaze of spectators in the arena.

It’s an experience familiar with 23 year-old southpaw Patrick Nielsen. The Albertslund-boxer is currently preparing for a WBA International Championship fight with Oklahoma based Native American George Tahdooahnippah (34-1-2, 24 KOs) on March 14 at the Ballerup Super Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

‘’It is a tough life,’’ reflects Nielsen. ‘’But I wouldn’t want it any other way. All the hard work, all the sacrifice, the long hours spent in the gym or running on a cold Copenhagen morning, are worth it when you get in the ring. It’s a feeling like nothing else. To hear the fans chanting your name and to have the referee raise you hand, it’s indescribable!’’

Nielsen, who is weeks away from his twenty-fifth professional fight and his first at the super middleweight limit, is currently being put through his paces by coach Joey Gamache.

‘’Joey works me hard,’’ said Nielsen. ‘’He is a perfectionist. We go over the same thing over and over until I get it just right. It can be tiring but I know he’s doing it for a reason. He’s a former two-weight world champion, so he knows what he’s talking about. I trust that his instructions, both in the gym and in the ring, will help me win fights.’’

In order to achieve optimum conditioning for his March 14 fight, Nielsen has enlisted the help of a special training partner, his beloved Staffordshire bull terrier Zeus.

‘’Zeus keeps me active,’’ said Nielsen. ‘’He’s great company when I’m doing my roadwork. We go on long runs together all over Copenhagen. He’s got loads of energy! With Zeus on my side, Tahdooahnippah doesn’t stand a chance!’’