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Paul Williams pre-fight video feature: Lara wasn’t a tough fight

This weekend, Paul Williams will step into the ring in Texas to meet Japanese fighter Nobuhiro Ishida, on the main event of a Showtime Boxing card. Williams has a lot of rebuilding to do, as he’s coming off a controversial decision against Erislandy Lara, and before that, was knocked out cold by Sergio Martinez. But what does Williams think about all of that? He thinks he’s just fine, and more than that, he (in an apparent completely delusional state) believes that the Lara fight wasn’t even tough for him. Watch what he has to say in this pre-fight video feature on Paul Williams from Showtime.

In the clip, Williams talks about some of his past fights, including dropping a decision to Carlos Quintana because he wasn’t focused, and then coming back to knock him out in one round. He also talks about the Lara fight, saying that it wasn’t even tough for him, and that he just got in some lucky punches, also saying, that if you’re going to fight, then fight.

Well, the truth of the matter of course is that Lara punished the Punisher that night from start to finish, and was the victim of a horrendous robbery that rightfully led to the suspension of the judges involved in scoring the fight.

In any event, clearly Paul Willams is confident in himself and how he’ll perform against Ishida. I guess we’ll all see for ourselves this weekend.