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Photos & videos: Meet the Top Rank Knockouts ring card girls

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Say Hello to the Top Rank Knockouts Ring Girls:

Who are the Top Rank Knockouts? They’re Top Rank’s official ring card girls, and they’ve been at all of their big events in those lovely blue outfits as of late. Right here, you can check out a special feature on the Top Rank Knockouts, taking a look at a great photo gallery of the ladies, videos of the TR Knockouts in action, and find out more about just who these ladies are.

Top Rank Knockouts Ring Girls Photos

Top Rank Knockouts Videos

You can also follow the Top Rank Knockout girls on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Haven’t seen enough of these ring girls in action yet? Then watch them entertain the crowd with some of their dance moves. Anytime you see the girls in the background of pre-fight weigh-ins or during fight night festivities, they’re always smiling and getting their groove on.

So who are the Top Rank Knockouts ring girls? You’ll notice some familiar faces in there, as it’s a regular and consistent group for the most part, and these girls travel around from fight to fight.

Jen Mateo seems to be the staple of the group, as it appears like she’s almost always involved. The gorgeous Jessa Hinton has also taken her turn as a Top Rank knockout as well. Some of the other girls include Rachel McDonough, Erica Jackson and the ravishing Rosie Roff.

We’re always keeping our eyes out for more great pictures and videos of the beautiful Top Rank Knockouts in action. So enjoy the collection!

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