Home News Photos: USA boxing champ Danyelle Wolf in ESPN Body Issue

Photos: USA boxing champ Danyelle Wolf in ESPN Body Issue

Credit: ESPN Body Issue

Two-time USA women’s national boxing champion Danyelle Wolf is one of the featured athletes in this year’s ESPN the Body Issue. Right here, you can check out Danyelle’s photo spread, and be in awe of her chiseled and muscular physique. And oh yes, a certain nearly 50-year-old fighter, Bernard Hopkins, is in the issue as well.

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Check out all the details on the ESPN Body Issue on their official page. You’ll find exclusive extra content, such as a video of Danyelle Wolf’s shoot. Check out the full ESPN Body Issue photo gallery here.

Danyelle Wolf Naked Photos from ESPN Body Issue

As is the whole concept of the Body Issue, all of the athletes appear entirely in the nude, albeit with some clever angles and the use of some convenient sight obstacles to obscure complete nudity. Wolf isn’t the first USA women’s boxer to appear in the issue, either. Last year, Olympic medalist Marlen Esparza made an appearance.

That USA women’s boxing team is something, isn’t it? And they haven’t even featured Mikaela Mayer, yet.

Enjoy all the boxers in this year’s ESPN the Body Issue, and keep your eye on Danyelle Wolf — not only because she’s nude in these photos, but because she’s an Olympic hopeful for 2016 Brazil.