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Q&A interview with cruiserweight Thabiso Mchunu

Credit: Main Events

Thabiso “The Rock” Mchunu is preparing for his upcoming fight against Olanrewaju “God’s Power” Durodola on NBCSN Fight Night, Friday, January 24th live from Resorts International Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  He took time out of training camp to answer questions about his opponent, the fight and his career. 

What are your predictions for your fight on Friday, January 24?

TM:  I’m gonna start the New Year with a bang! I’m a boxer and can punch when I want to! I’m gonna make some fans in the US!

How does it feel to be back on NBCSN Fight Night?

TM:  Really motivates me when I’m on (NBCSN) Fight Night! Truly an honor

How do you feel about fighting in the US for the second time?

TM:  I absolutely love it!

Did you change anything about your training routine for this fight?

TM:  Pretty similar

What is a typical day in training camp like for you? 

TM:  Running, sparring and technical work with my coach Sean Smith; he keeps me on point! We click together.

Who have you sparred with leading up to this fight?

TM:  Danie Venter, Isaac Chilemba and Kevin Lerena

Your opponent, Durodola, has had a total of sixteen fights and stopped fourteen of them, does this concern you?

TM:  Not really; it’s easy to stop “nobodies”.

What do you know about Durodola?

TM:  He’s an African fighter and former Olympian but nothing I haven’t seen before.

Durodola is in the same position you were in when you fought Eddie Chambers. How are you going to stop him from capitalizing on this opportunity?

TM:  My destiny and his are different.

In your last fight you beat Eddie Chambers – Do you feel you have to prove beating Chambers was not an accident?

TM:  No. I’m gonna prove that anyone you put in front of me, I am gonna beat!

How has your last win changed things for you?

TM:  Makes me even more certain I can dominate – but not much! Hungry as ever!

The current cruiserweight champions are Yoan Pablo Hernandez (IBF), Denis Lebedev (WBA), Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (WBC) and Marco Huck (WBO), which of these champions do you want to face first? Which of these champions do you feel would be easiest/hardest to beat?

TM:  I want the WBC belt first. I don’t care who’s got it. Then I want to unify the belts. I want to fight Huck- he’s got a big mouth!

WBO champion Marco Huck is scheduled to face former world champion Firat Arslan on January 25th in a rematch. What do you think of that fight?

TM:  It will be interesting but I’m sure Huck will defend.

What are your thoughts on the passing of Nelson Mandela?

TM:  His struggles have given me the opportunity I have today! I wanna show my appreciation to him and be a great success in boxing to honor what he has done for our nation and for people around the world!