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Rankings updates after Guerrero vs. Berto: The Ghost on the move in the welterweight division

Credit: Golden Boy

Following Robert Guerrero’s huge win over Andre Berto on Saturday night, it’s time to revisit the top 10 in the welterweight division. Guerrero is on the move towards the top of 147 pounds, as he showed not only that he can hang with the best in that division, but he can punish them too. He was more physical than Berto, and he wouldn’t be denied. With his southpaw stance, versatility, tall frame and will to win, Guerrero is going to be a challenge for everybody… potentially including Floyd Mayweather. Take a look at our updated rankings in the welterweight division.

As you can see, we also made some updates to a few other divisions, so now we’re fully up to date on all of our divisional top 10s.

At welterweight, we already had Robert Guerrero at number 5 after his win over Selcuk Aydin, and we had Berto down at number 10, following the layoff and the failed drug test. It’s a situation where even in defeat, Berto’s stock is raised, because he showed he’s still capable of getting in there and performing. As for Guerrero, he has to move even closer to the top of the top-heavy welterweight division, where stars like Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are lurking, and Timothy Bradley also resides.

The possibilities are endless right now for Guerrero, with lots of big fights potentially.

Enjoy our updated rankings in the welterweight division and keep on coming back to ProBoxing-Fans.com for more post-fight analysis and coverage for Guerrero vs. Berto.