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Russian bombers buzz UK; Putin’s next step to launch Chudinov missile

Credit: Frank Warren

Vladmir Putin is launching a Russian missile at the UK this weekend, as Dmitry Chudinov heads to London to finalize preparations for his title defense against British Chris Eubank Jr. at The O2 on Saturday, February 28th.

The Russian president threatened Chudinov’s arrival  by sending two Cold War Tupolev Tu-95 ‘Bear Bombers’ to ‘buzz’ the English south coast on a reconnaissance mission in a bid to locate the Brighton ace, but the planes were intercepted and sent packing by RAF Top Guns in Typhoon fighter jets.

But that hasn’t deterred Putin, Russian military chiefs, Kremlin top brass, or renown Russian fight promoter and manager Vlad Hrunov in a final bid to break English defenses by sending over big-hitting Chudinov to bomb the English ace who himself has 12 big knockouts in 18 wins.

Russia senses weakness in Eubank Jr., who’s sole career loss was on split decision to rival Billy Joe Saunders last November, and Chudinov, a national hero to the Russian people, is ready to flatten him once and for all.

In an aggressive attack on Eubank Jr, Chudinov said:

“I am coming to London for one thing and one thing only, destroy Chris Eubank Jr.  He mistakes my last visit to London for the press conference as a visit of peace, when I was kind and respectful towards him, but now he will pay the price for his mistake.

He believes he has absolute security fighting in his own country, but now he will feel that his existence and safety is threatened when I land my bombs on his chin a week on Saturday.  He will be overwhelmed when my punches outland his puny one big shot, his defenses will struggle and collapse, he will not cope.”

“Big Bear” Hrunov added, “Mr. Eubank Jr. has awoken the sleeping beast in Chudinov, we are now at war with team Eubank.”

After the invasion of airspace by the Russian bombers, Prime Minister David Cameron dismissed the act of provocation by saying the Russians, “are trying to make some sort of point, and I don’t think we should dignify it with too much of a response.  I think what this episode demonstrates is that we do have fast jets, the pilots, the systems in place to protect the UK.”

However, in a bold statement, Eubank Jr’s legendary trainer Ronnie Davies, former Southern Area Welterweight Champion, trainer of Chris Eubank Sr. and member of Brighton’s Dad’s Army, who has whipped his young star into sensational shape for the Cold War showdown, has told Mr. Cameron ‘Don’t Panic’ and assured him that Eubank Jr. will see off the Red Threat Chudinov. He said:

“I defiantly stood on the Brighton coast when I was told these Russian bombers were fast approaching, but I’m proud that our RAF boys’ saw them off.

“I can guarantee Mr. Cameron that Chris Eubank Jr. is back and in unbelievable shape, hitting harder that ever, and will see off the invading Russian forces of Team Chudinov and send them back home licking their wounds with the world title staying behind in England.”