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Salita: Jarrell Miller is still under contract with me

Credit: Rosie Cohe / Showtime

Responding to recent statements made to the media by Jarrell “Big Baby” millerller that he is a free agent, Dmitriy Salita (Salita Promotions) has responded by confirming that his company’s promotional agreement with Miller is valid and subsisting. Salita also wishes to remind would-be promoters of the valid promotional contract he has with the red-hot heavyweight contender.

In part due to his excellent work, Miller (17-0-1, 15 KOs) finds his name on lips of boxing fans and experts worldwide, while riding an ever-increasing wave of forward momentum as the next great fighter from Brooklyn to fight for and win the heavyweight championship.

“Unfortunately, this is what happens in boxing,” said Salita. “You bring a guy up from the ground level and when he starts getting up there, the wolves start whispering in his ear.”

Salita, who signed the then-unknown Miller two years ago, is himself a former world-class fighter who knows the ins and outs of the boxing business and how rival promoters can cross the line.

“I have recently become aware that AB Promotions and Warriors Boxing have been tortiously interfering with my company’s exclusive promotional agreement with Jarrell Miller. Today, as a result of such interference, Jarrell has posted a statement on social media stating that he is a free agent and that he terminated the promotional agreement. My promotional agreement with Mr. Miller is valid and subsisting, and I intend to vigorously pursue all of my legal rights and remedies against Mr. Miller and those responsible for inducing to him to breach the promotional agreement. I am confident in my legal position and look forward to prevailing in court.”

Coming off his third consecutive Showtime-televised victory on August 19, and the WBO #8-, WBA #9-, WBC #15- and IBF #14-rated heavyweight in the world, Miller is already on the fast track to a championship fight.

“I’ve sent out cease and desist letters,” continued Salita. “But it’s also shows what a great job I have done. The heavyweight division had no American stars on the horizon before Jarrell came along. Now he’s all over the media, adding color and flare to the division. I’m working on several opportunities for Jarrell to stay active and lock down a title opportunity in the next 6-12 months. Showtime is committed to the heavyweight division and I am honored to have had their support and have Jarrell as my headliner during the Olympics.”