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Sergey Kovalev & Andre Ward training camp interviews & updates

Credit: David Spagnolo / Main Events

We’re now less than a month away from Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward, and HBO is taking us inside their training camps to see how they’re preparing. In the first of a series of planned interviews, check out what Kovalev and Ward have to say about the match and their standing in the sport.

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev Blog Part 1: Monday, October 24

Has becoming the best P4P fighter ever crossed your mind? Is that a career goal for you?

When I was growing up in Russia I did not hear these words pound for pound. Once I learned what this was I knew this was important. I am honored that people think I am the fighter that could get this title. It’s important for me, for my career.

I am champion in my division now, but I want to get all the belts and also I would like to be best pound for pound boxer in the world. I respect Andre Ward, he is very good boxer and Olympic gold medal winner, but he is man not alien so I have chance to beat him.

My fight against Andre Ward is very interesting for all boxing fans. We both have undefeated record and top rating. I will be prepared 100% to do all I have to do, box, fight, go 12 rounds, what it takes to win I will do.

There is much intrigue, many people talk of this fight. They say it’s 50/50 who will win. We will see on Nov. 19 at T-Mobile Arena. I hope all my fans will watch pay per view.

This is boxing, anything can happen during fight, but I try always to do my best to win. My goal is to get victory over Andre Ward. It’s big step for me in my boxing career and I must be ready.

Andre “S.O.G.” Ward Blog Part 1: Monday, October 24

How difficult is to go from 168 pounds to 175 pounds and be competitive? What did you have to do to make the jump in terms of dieting, preparation, training?

My competitiveness never leaves me, regardless of weight class. I carry my competitive nature wherever I go. I felt my body was ready to move up, and I’m surrounded by a great team that helped ensure I made that transition the right way. We took a diligent approach—utilizing BMI measurements, blood work, nutritional insight—to ensure I was where I needed to be, and all signs were pointing up.

As a light heavyweight, you have to adjust your training accordingly. It’s unlike any other weight class. You need to place an emphasis on explosiveness and strength. That said, the skills I gained from other weight classes hasn’t left me. My agility and my endurance remain-add that to my new strength and explosiveness, and I’m feeling better than ever.