Home News Staff picks: Froch vs. Groves II predictions from the ProBoxing-Fans.com team

Staff picks: Froch vs. Groves II predictions from the ProBoxing-Fans.com team

Credit: Lawrence Lustig

Carl Froch vs. George Groves Rematch Predictions & Analysis

It’s time for the rematch, and one of the biggest fights in British boxing history, with Carl Froch once again taking on challenger George Groves. After a controversial first fight, how does the second go play out? Take a look at our Froch vs. Groves II predictions to get our thoughts, and a round-up of different opinions from the entire ProBoxing-Fans.com team.

Jake Emen: I want to pick George Groves to win. I really do. But, each time as I’m about to commit to that thought, something in the back of my head won’t let me. Carl Froch is just too damn tough and durable in there. If Groves plays a more patient game, and tries to stay on his back foot, he may be more effective in preventing himself from taking damage, but Froch will only be that much more aggressive in turn, without the incoming fire he faced early in the first fight. If Groves opts to make it a battle, that’s certainly not in his favor either. So, it’s somewhat of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation for Groves. Froch takes the win in a fight which goes the distance.

Prediction: Froch by decision

Scott Levinson: The controversy of the first fight takes attention away from the fact that Froch was turning up the heat and Groves was melting by the 9th round. That stoppage was on the early side, but that doesn’t mean Groves would have made it through 3+ more rounds. Both fighters will be better, with Froch now fully grasping the danger that Groves represents, with the challenger invigorated by the knowledge that he had victory within his grasp. I expect to see a more-urgent Froch to press sooner and get Groves out of there in what should be a good two-way fight while it lasts. Froch by 8th-round knockout.

Prediction: Froch TKO8 Groves

Rich Thomas: The way I see it, Froch has always had trouble with guys who could box him (Taylor, Kessler, Dirrell, especially Ward), but usually finds a way to win. Plus Groves got lucky to ring Froch’s bell in the 1st, and the cold Froch never really recovered. So Froch, not Groves, is the guy with the room to improve. That said, Groves is a tough character who can get himself out of trouble, so I don’t see him giving Froch a chance to take him out.

Prediction: Froch SD12 Groves

Blair Newman: I think Groves will dictate the tempo of this rematch, as he is evidently much faster than Froch. Should Groves choose to meet him in ring center, expect an early finish, but should he choose to use his feet more and lure Froch on to shots, expect a longer, tactical battle of attrition.

Groves will be patient this time, waiting for his openings rather than forcing them. Froch won’t be so reckless this time however, having tasted Groves’ power in full in the first fight. This will make for a less exciting but more intense match-up. Froch is in a mentally far better place now that he knows exactly what he is up against, and he always performs better when he feels he is in danger – just ask Lucian Bute or Arthur Abraham. I see Groves being just ahead going into the final third, but a typically strong Froch finish will render the judges unimportant once again, this time without controversy.

Prediction: Froch TKO11

Matt Andrzejewski: Carl Froch overlooked George Groves when they faced off last November. There is no question though he is much more prepared for Groves the second time around both mentally and physically. Despite the fact the fight was stopped early, an unprepared Froch did work his way back into the fight and may have been able to properly dispose of Groves anyway had the referee not prematurely stopped things. For the rematch, I expect Froch to be better prepared and to be in control of the fight from the opening bell. He will stop Groves again but this time it will be without controversy and within six rounds.

Prediction: Froch KO6

Jake Collins: We were treated to something far better than expected in the first fight. Groves showed he can box to a virtuoso level on the big stage, while we saw that Froch was still the incredibly durable warrior he always has been. I think Froch was taken by surprise last time and let Groves get to him mentally in the build up. He seems much more composed this time round and I think that will be reflected in the fight. It’s a text book ‘slugger vs boxer’ match-up and that will always make for an intriguing encounter. Styles make fights so I suspect we’ll see fireworks again, but a more lucid victory for Froch.

Prediction: Froch wins

Froch vs. Groves II Predictions – Final Tally

  • Carl Froch: 6
  • George Groves: 0