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Stiverne-Arreola II presser quotes & photos

Credit: Goossen Tutor

In front of a packed house in the Founders Room at the USC Galen Center,  heavyweights Bermane “B. Ware” Stiverne and Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola took turns exchanging barbs just two days ahead of their rematch — which is Definitely Not for a World Heavyweight Championship.

Bermane Stiverne:

“Typically I do my talking in the ring but I’m here to tell you Chris, nobody will be able to help you on Saturday night. Nobody can beat me. I’m going to whip you much worse this time.”

“I’m going to knock you down and punish you all night long. No matter what shape, how much weight you lose or what other excuses you dream up, I’m always going to be better than you. Come Saturday night, I’m going to f*** you up again in front of everyone.”

Chris Arreola:

“Yeah, you broke my nose but on my worst night you couldn’t stop me. You can do all the talking you want but look at me and remember me, I’m finishing you off on Saturday night and I’ll be the first Mexican Heavyweight Champion and no one is ever going to remember you.”

“You lit a fire under me now and I promise everyone here that I will win on Saturday night and I will give you the worst beating of your life.”

The heated exchanges continued while promoter Dan Goossen attempted to restore order. Following the closing comments, neither fighter would pose for face off photos.

Dan Goossen:

“Chris Arreola is the toughest S.O.B. around and on Saturday night I have no doubt he’s going to become the first Mexican Heavyweight World Champion.”

Don King:

“Bermane Stiverne has sacrificed so much, his time is now. He’s going to whip Arreola much worse this time.”

Camille Estephan, Manager of Stiverne:

“I’ve been with Bermane for many years and I’ve never seen him so focused. No doubt in my mind that he’s going to win the world title on Saturday night.”

Brian Kweder, Senior Director of Programming and Acquisitions/ESPN

“We’re very proud to be presenting this Heavyweight World Championship between Bermane Stiverne and Chris Arreola Saturday night from the Galen Center and LIVE on ESPN.

“I’d like to thanks both Don King and Dan Goossen for providing us with this opportunity to telecast this event on ESPN.”