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Tarver a Hit on Showtime; Lewis Sent Packing on HBO

Boxing Announcers & Broadcasters Proving to be Very Hit or Miss

Known either as the guy that effectively ended the career of Roy Jones, or as Mason Dixie from Rocky Balboa, Antonio Tarver is now making a name for himself as a television personality and boxing announcer for Showtime. In his brief stint thus far with the network he has proven to be an intelligent, enthusiastic and entertaining figure for their fights, and a welcome addition to televised boxing.

Of course it’s no surprise that a man that headlined a major Hollywood film and famously asked of Jones, “Got any excuses tonight, Roy?” before viciously knocking him out in the second round of their rematch, is a great announcer. Still, the networks are littered with so many poor ones that Tarver’s quick ascension has been a revelation.

His rise now coincides with the failure of HBO to groom Lennox Lewis as a member of their broadcast teams. The former heavyweight champion never quite seemed comfortable in the role of television personality. While he made improvements during his stint he never quite hit his stride.


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