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Taylor defeats Vasquez via KO in Edinburgh


WBC Silver Light Welterweight champion, Josh Taylor, defeated Miguel Vasquez on Saturday night in the ninth round via knockout in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Taylor, 26, was able to get the upper hand from the start as he over sized his opponent and showed better speed but in the second round, Taylor was cut above his left eye from a clash of heads.

The third round saw Vasquez attack the body whilst Taylor went for the head shots and going into the fifth, Taylor began to attack Vasquez, connecting with good shots, though his opponent was also able to land a few of his own too.

Taylor looked to have the upper hand with strong shots but Vasquez was able to weather the storm. The ninth round saw a good hook to the body of Vasquez, bringing the Mexican down for the count, giving Taylor the KO win. The first time that Vasquez has been defeated via a KO.

Photo Credit: dailyrecord.co.uk

Taylor said after the fight, “He was very tough, he took some goods shots but that was good, I’m very happy. I knew I was starting to get to him with body shots and the first really good body shot I hit him with, he went down.”

Talks of a European title shot against current champion, Anthony Yigit, are being rumoured but the Scot would also like to take on Jack Caterall for the British Super Lightweight title.