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Terence Crawford-John Molina final presser photos, video, quotes

Credit: Mikey Williams - Top Rank

Undefeated Terence “Bud” Crawford (29-0, 20 KOs), of Omaha, Neb., faces John Molina Jr. (29-6, 23 KOs), from Covina, Calif., this Saturday. Right here, find the Crawford vs. Molina fight week quotes, with videos and photos as well.



“It’s been a great training camp in Colorado Springs. I always spar with bigger men to prepare myself. I know he is going to bring his A-plus game. There is no reason to overlook an opponent who is willing to step into the ring with me. Not many are willing to do that anymore. Molina is coming off a great victory over Ruslan Provodnikov and a Fight of the Year performance against Lucas Matthysse. I know he’s dangerous. He has shown versatility and guts. He is a legitimate No. 1 contender – tough and rugged. He has my respect.

“I will do what I do best and that’s to make a statement in the ring just as I did in the summer against Viktor Postal. I unified the belts and became the lineal champion by dominating and beating a fellow undefeated champion in Postal. That’s when boxing is at its greatest – when the best fight each other and risk it all.

“Do I think I should be the fighter of the year? I do. A win on Saturday will give me three televised world championship victories in three different cities. I beat Hank Lundy at Madison Square Garden. No one put the dents into Hank Lundy that I did. I stopped him in the fifth round. In the Postal fight, I went to Las Vegas and scored several knockdowns against an undefeated champion trained by Freddie Roach and unified the titles. Now I’m back in Omaha against a No. 1 contender in Molina.

“I also think Brian McIntyre should be Trainer of the Year. When I was named the 2014 Fighter of the Year, Brian should also have been honored. How can I be a Fighter of the Year without the Trainer of the Year? He doesn’t get the recognition h deserves. Maybe it’s because we are from a small market in Omaha and we don’t get the national media attention fighters and trainers get from bigger cities like Los Angeles.

“But I’m so happy to have HBO shine a national spotlight on Omaha. It’s a great incentive to the kids here to stay in the gym and out of trouble and to work hard. That’s really what it’s all about to me.”


“We keep hearing about a future fight with Manny Pacquiao but there doesn’t seem to be much interest from his team, especially since Freddie Roach got a good look at Terence from Postal’s corner. What they need to do – Koncz, Roach and Manny — is to hold hands and pray and ask for divine intervention directing them to a fight with Terence.

“Oscar was man enough to accept Manny’s challenge. It’s part of the cycle of life in boxing. Handing off the torch to the successor. Manny should be man enough to do the same thing. There is no excuse. Manny nd Freddie say Manny walks around at 140. Both are world champions. Both are Top-10 pound for pound fighters. It’s a natural. But it takes two to make a fight. Terence only lacks the opportunity to take over the spot that Manny and Floyd Mayweather used to hold as the pound for pound star of the sport.

“Manny is a great fighter but he is limited. Manny is a machine and to beat him you need to offset him. Once an envelope gets stuck in a sorter it jams. That’s what Terence will do to Manny. Offset him. Because once Manny is offset, he cannot adapt.

“Right now our goal is to unify the belts. Terence can still make 140 easily. He is growing as a talent and we are growing as a team.

“Molina is a very tricky fighter coming off an exciting win over Provodnikov. He will try to capitalize on that momentum. It will be am exciting fight. Molina may try to box Terence but when that doesn’t work, he will revert back to his old style. He’s going to get hit with power he has never felt before.”


“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for me and the fans are going to see a great fight. I got into this game to fight the best and Terence Crawford is one of the best. It was a great training camp. We did all our homework and we are prepared. Hank Lundy was an enormous help as a sparring partner. It will be important to take Terence into deep water

“I think it’s great to be fighting in Omaha. It’s a great town and everyone here has been great to us I’m used to fighting away from home. I love fighting here. It will be a great crowd because Terence Crawford fans are fans of boxing. But we will disrupt their enthusiasm by upsetting the apple cart. But Omaha has a lot to be proud of in Terence Crawford.”

And an update on Joseph Parker vs. Andy Ruiz, which takes place from New Zealand but will be shown on the same HBO broadcast:


“This is my chance and I didn’t come all the way to New Zealand to lose.  I know everyone is underestimating me.  I know I trained hard for this fight.  I hear everyone commenting on how I look physically, but imagine now that I am in great shape, how good I will be on Saturday night.  I know I am an exciting fighter – I will use lots of footwork and throw a lot of combinations – and we both hit hard.

Does Parker have more pressure on him since he’s fighting at home?

“Both of us have pressure.  I don’t know what Parker thinks about how much pressure he has on him, but I hope he feels like he has more pressure.  I am confident in the work that I have done in training.”

“I know we are both prepped for 12 rounds.  I don’t talk a lot of trash or anything.  But when the bell rings we both flip the switch.  I have a family to feed and I fight for them.

“This is a great opportunity for me and I’m not leaving New Zealand without that belt.”


“There are two nights to go until the fight and I am very excited for the fight and excited to have it in New Zealand.  We are not underestimating Andy Ruiz.  We know he is in great shape.  We both know that we are in great shape and we each know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Yes, we did spar together.  I was in Las Vegas and new to the sport.  I went in to spar with him [Ruiz] and thought it would be easy because of his size but when we were sparring he hit me pretty good and he chased me out of the ring and now I have to get him back for that.  He’s coming to my backyard.  I have to defend my country’s honor.

“We use the same routine for this fight as all the others – it is the one that has always worked.

“I will use the support in the building to motivate me and that will drive me throughout the fight.

“Andy wants to take the belt back with him and I want to keep it here.  I want to go out there and win this and win it well.

“I know Andy is a nice guy and there is no hate between us.  But when the bell rings on Saturday night we flip the switch and we will each be trying to knock the other guy out.”

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