Top 3 reasons Floyd Mayweather could lose to Robert Guerrero

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Legendary boxing greats generally seem untouchable in their primes, but they all lose to a common opponent, their true worst enemy — time. One can only wonder how long Floyd “Money” Mayweather can continue to take long breaks off and still perform at the elite level we have been accustomed to seeing from him.

Is Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero the one to finally put that first blemish on Floyd’s glorified record? Here are the top 3 reasons why you may just want to side with the underdog on May 4th.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Back in Camp

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father, Floyd Sr., have had a very publicly rocky, roller coaster type of relationship. Now though, Floyd Sr. has once again taken the reins in training camp, for the first time since the early beginnings of Floyd Jr.’s professional career. Is Roger Mayweather’s illness finally catching up with him, forcing Mayweather to bring his father back into the fold?

The way that Roger would train Floyd was more along the lines of stepping back and letting the kid work, helping him where and when he needs, a much more relaxed and secondary approach. Floyd Jr.’s routine is practically the same every fight he has, and as he said, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” He trains hard every day and is always ready by fight night.

However, while Roger has been helping out in the camp, it seems as if Floyd Sr. will be doing the “heavy lifting” of being the number 1 trainer.

Floyd Sr. is the more orthodox trainer and definitely more vocal with his opinion. Will he be able to adjust to Floyd Jr.’s way and just keep going with it? Or will he attempt to enforce the way he trains and works with other fighters?

Two huge egos in the same camp usually just does not work, how long till another argument happens again?

Mayweather’s Inactivity, and Jail Time

Mayweather will have been out of the ring one day short of a year since his decision win over Miguel Cotto last May 5. That period of course also included a three month stint in jail, not exactly a way to keep your health at a pristine level.

Considering the time he spent in prison, there’s two ways to look at it. First, that it affected him negatively and was a traumatic experience for him, or second, it truly made him a better person and he was able to grow from the experience. We will only truly know when we see how Floyd reacts in the ring on fight night.

Mayweather’s Age & Physical Form

In Floyd’s last outing against Miguel Cotto, we saw something that we have almost never seen from him — he got tired. The accumulating body shots that Cotto was throwing visually got to Floyd. There were times in the fight when Cotto got him against the ropes and forced him to fight that way, and Floyd took some punishment.

His legs and movement were just not there as much as they usually are. Maybe it was the weight, as fighting at 154 pounds has always been a dangerous ground for Floyd, who’s undersized for the division.

Not to mention that Floyd Mayweather turned 36 this year, too.

The opponents who potentially can trouble Mayweather the most are the ones who put on a lot of pressure, cut off the ring well and can fight for every minute of every round. I think Guerrero fought that same way against Andre Berto because he was preparing that way to fight Floyd if he got the chance to land the fight.

What Guerrero did show in his fight was that he has good power, the heart and chin to not back down, and the ability to keep fighting toe to toe every round. Berto was landing thunderous uppercuts on Guerrero and he showed he can take them and keep fighting harder than before. Cotto set somewhat of a blueprint on how to win rounds on the current version of Mayweather, and it is up to Guerrero and his team to try to perfect it.

Even though Floyd Jr. talks about longevity in the sport and that he’s never taken any beatings or much punishment, we saw in the Cotto fight clear signs of him on the decline. Will he be able to tear that page out of his storybook career and be renewed, showing he is better than ever? Or has it all finally caught up to him? We’ll see on fight night.

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  1. This writer and most of the people in here seriously “don’t know shit about boxing!”

    For the writer, you obviously haven’t followed Floyd’s career for that long. Roger Mayweather and Floyd Sr. are both really good trainers who say the key to being a good fighter is smarts and not athletic gifts, the big difference is that Roger puts a larger emphasis on offense and keeping your hands moving where as Floyd Sr. has a larger emphasis on defense and a stiff jab.

    Also, Mayweather has had way longer lay offs than a whole year and always came back having never loss a step because he performs better under the lights than any other fighter.

    And for everybody who keeps saying that Floyd has lost a step. Most of you obviously haven’t followed Floyd till recently cause all you have to refer to in terms of past fights are youtube videos. I actually have been following him for a while since the Manfredy fight, and actually remember the build up to his fights. Ever since he started having problems with his hands during his later years at 130 and short stint at 135, but especially after the Baldomir and De La Hoya fight when his name started to get bigger, writers have been criticizing him for ducking fighters and not having a willingness to stand and trade in the ring to build his followers and access a demographic outside of boxing purists with a more exciting style to justify all the attention. He started to take these criticisms to heart, and starting with the Hatton fight but more so during the Mosley fight he started declaring during the fight build ups that nobody has to worry about him just boxing and moving anymore and that he’s going to commit more to landing shots and walking his opponents down. If you go back to the press conferences for the fights for Hatton, Mosley, Ortiz, and Cotto, you will find that during the build up for each one of those fights he says “I’m not going to box and move, I’m going to fight toe to toe.” Styles make fights, and that’s the reason why I know Mayweather hasn’t lost a step because whenever he commits to fighting toe to toe, he actually does get tagged a few times (still less than the average fighter though). Everybody references the Cotto fight as evidence of him losing a step, well what about the Burton fight? When he first started training with his more offensive minded Uncle and fought Burton toe to toe? He always lists that as his hardest fight, and he definitely got tagged during that fight, probably even more than the Cotto fight. How come nobody brings up that fight as evidence of him losing a step? That’s cause most of the ppl bringing up these criticisms just “don’t know shit about boxing!”

    “FM: I’m laying down right now, but I walk around every day. My legs didn’t get amputated. Some fights, they say, “All Mayweather do is run.” Then when I go toe to toe, “Mayweather lost his legs.” I keep trying to tell you, I’m always in a no-win situation. Like I said before, Floyd Mayweather is here to please Floyd Mayweather. I do want my fans to be happy, but I come first. Last time I checked, I beat a southpaw. Whether I did have legs or didn’t have legs, I won.”

    • It will be hard for anyone to beat FM his style of boxing and the way comes on will keep him in the game as long as he wants to stay. However having said that everyone can lose a fight at any giving night . Give them Hell FM

  2. The writer is wrong. Floyd will NEVER lose a fight as long as he keeps HAND PICKING his opponents. He’s a oided the two fighters (Pacquiao and Sergio) that will for sure beat him.

  3. *typo

    I meant to say Floyd will remain undefeated as long as he keeps HAND PICKING opponents like he’s been doing his entire career. Al Haymon did a great job in protecting Floyd from real threats and matching him with HAND PICKED opponents. Guerro is slow and has no movement. Another easy win for the CHERRY PICKER!

    Floyd will go dow in boxing history as the guy who AVOIDED his greatest challenge, Pacquiao.

    Let the FLoyd nuthuggers from fighthype hate!

    • listen you knicklehead look what mayweather did to marquez

      he did not need to fight pacquaio because its a no contest

      and as far as Martinez is concerned he is a middlewight so my advise to you
      if you want to make bullshit comments DONT

      • I agree with peter Martinez is too big for floyd. totally different weight class. I wouldnt make martinez come down in weight either because he believes in fighting you at your best.
        the manny fight is a no-win for floyd. They talked bad about floyd for beating up marquez because he was a smaller guy. manny is smaller than marquez. Also marquez out boxed manny 3 times with counter punching. floyd’s the best boxer and counter punching in the game manny didnt stand a chance.

      • @ Peter and Cheese…

        What? FMJ is a best boxer??? Floyd is no Ali, Joe Luis, Sugar Ray, Julio Cesar Chaves, Rocky Marciano, Henry Armstrong, Willy Pep and so on…

        Look how these boxers activity in the ring they fear no fighter. They no nothing about early retirement because its a lame excuse. They don’t know about fighting once a year because they know that they are best, can take anybody and they want to prove it.

        Who is FMJ? He is only best in America but in Europe, China and the whole asia, probably just 1 percent…So whos is the best you are talking about? I’m begging…your statement should be..FMJ is the best in America.

      • Peter,

        Watch your mouth punk! Im sorry that you cant accept the fact that Floyd’s “flawless” career is due to careful match making to avoid fighters who pose a great to him. Dont get me wrong, Floyd is a very skilled fighter, but what he lacks is balls. He made excuses over and over again to avoid Pacquiao.

        Bottom line, Floyd could have been great by fighting EVERYONE just as the greats have done (Pacquiao, Ali, Roy Jones, Frazie, etc.). The above mentioned took RISKS. Those true WARRIORS fought the top guys in their era and took losses along the way. That’s what a true CHAMPION is all about. Floyd will certainly remain undefeated by way of careful match making…

  4. Common guys, Floyd is no Ali, Joe Luis, Sugar Ray, Julio Cesar Chaves, Rocky Marciano, Henry Armstrong, Willy Pep and so on…

    The only things he is bragging right now is that he’s is what? Those GOAT boxers are the ones who got losses because they fight like a champion.

    They don’t avoid any fighter in their long as there are opponents..they don’t go on vacation or temporary retirement…

    FMJ has a lot of excuses and he’s a great boxer? just because of media hype from America. I can’t blame them because America can’t accept the fact that gone are the days of Ali et., al. Best boxers are coming outside of USA nowadays.

    • Hi Grapebook!

      He may not be great to you in your eyes, but the boxing level of this man is on another planet. He can adjust to any fighting style anyone brings to him, and quickly adjust to it on the fly. His counterpunching ability is insane and the feints and traps he sets for his opponents are just to amazing to not admire. Just some things to think about if you watch his next fight. The man is amazing, he is going to be remembered for it.

      • anothe level floyd skills into a planet of the apes

      • @Raymond. I respect your opinion but his activity as a boxer is not of a great champion. Why because he avoid fighters whom he think can give him a problem while they are in their prime. Again, we are talking here about G.O.A.T and counter punching ability will not make you a G.O.A.T not until you’ll fight the best out there and not by making excuses. FMJ is a a media created great fighter from US because of the reason I’ve stated above.

  5. Judges favors counter punchers, mayweather wins by UD. Guerrero can win by lucky or sucker punch

  6. Floyd will remain undefeated so long as he keeps HAND PICKING his opponents. You have to give credit to his handler Al Haymon for making Floyd look good all these years. Cherry Picking is the key to Floyd’s “flawless” career. Guererro is slow and is nothin more than a brawler. Easy work for Floyd and another Great matchmaking job to fool the public!

  7. Even if the Pactards are in recession, it looks like we can still count on the Floydiots.

    They remind me so much of the Tysoniestas.

  8. The world speaks, majority rules, Froid Jr. is a fraud, simple. A real CASH-COWard. Everybody knows he can do what he wants and cherry pick who opponents he likes as he said it himself over and over that he is his own boss and pleasing not the fans but only himself, no pressure. No pressure!

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