Video: Bernard Hopkins knocks down Beibut Shumenov

Bernard Hopkins set the record straight once again, that experience is better than youth, and that nobody does it better than ol’ B-Hop. Hopkins dominated Beibut Shumenov, two decades his younger, Saturday night at the DC Armory, and televised live on Showtime.

Right here, you can watch a video of Hopkins knocking down Shumenov in Round 11. The knockdown was a great exclamation point for the performance, as Hopkins was landing at will throughout much of the fight.

He left Shumenov completely unable to generate any offense or lasting momentum. He toyed with Shumenov at times, and he certainly had his fun showboating in the ring as well.

Inexplicably, the judges ruled this one a split decision, with one judge giving Shumenov the fight on a 114-113 card. The good news is that the other two judges actually watched the fight, and scored it correctly 116-111. (We had it 117-110 live from ringside).

Enjoy watching the Hopkins vs. Shumenov video highlights, including the Hopkins knock down of Shumenov in Round 11, and keep on checking back for more post-fight coverage and aftermath.

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  1. Hopkins is beating guys who can’t fight right now..This guy was self trained and had no corner..Hopkins should get out before he gets knocked out ……

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