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Video: Canelo Alvarez Under Armour commercial

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is the star of a special new Under Armour commercial and video, I Will Innovation. You can watch the Canelo Under Armour commercial right here, take a look.

The commercial opens up with a clip of Canelo jogging through the streets. We also see him working the mitts in the gym, doing more road work, and so forth.

Other athletes in the clip include the likes of Bryce Harper and others. So it’s a great means of promotion and exposure for Canelo.

It’s all about the new technology and the products that Under Armour is putting out there to help make athletes better, and for those athletes, their will, drive and motivation to push through and improve and succeed.

Use hashtag “#IWill” on Twitter to follow up with the commercial and the marketing campaign.

Very cool to see the Canelo Alvarez Under Armour commercial, here’s to seeing more boxers and major companies teaming up!