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Video: Canelo Alvarez vs. Austin Trout keys to victory & fight preview from Al Bernstein


With the Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Austin “No Doubt” Trout fight coming up in just a few days, everyone is chiming in with their thoughts on the fight. We have our our Canelo vs. Trout staff predictions, and you’ve read through all of our previews and all of the hype.

Well, who better to give you a full video analysis of the bout and its keys to victory than one Al Bernstein? Right here, check out Bernstein’s Canelo vs. Trout preview and his keys to victory for each man in this intriguing match.

Bernstein knows his boxing better than anybody, so it’s always fun to see him offer his insight and analysis. Of course, the fight will be shown on Showtime, so we’ll be hearing from Al on fight night.

But this is a rare chance to see him give an extended breakdown of a fight before it happens. His video preview here is a full five minutes long, so you get to see some great footage of each man in his previous fights, as Bernstein breaks down a series of specific points about what each man needs to do to win.

It’s an evenly matched fight, so before you sit down and take it all in on Saturday night, enjoy Bernstein’s Alvarez vs. Trout preview and video of his keys to victory.