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Video: Canelo vs. Lara analysis based on common opponents

Credit: Gene Blevins / Hoganphotos

In this special video preview and analysis on the Canelo Alvarez vs. Erislandy Lara fight, the two fighters and their chances are broken down based upon common opponents. Each man has, quite recently, engaged with Alfredo Angulo and Austin Trout.

For Canelo, he dominated and out-classed Angulo, beating him up from start to finish. Against Trout, he had a close battle, which ultimately Canelo was able to win thanks to scoring a knockdown. Many remember the fight as being all-Canelo, but in truth, it was a very hard fought and closely contested affair.

For Lara, his war with Angulo was a back and forth match, with Lara needing to survive some very tough moments, although he prevailed. But then against Trout, Lara outclassed him and really dominated throughout, as Trout looked helpless against him.

Therefore, the two men had opposite performances against their recent common opponents, although each scored wins in every encounter. The way they fared in those bouts certainly sheds some light on how they may fare against one another, and what their overall strengths and weaknesses are as fighters.

But all of the pre-fight analysis is thankfully almost over, and we’re just days away from seeing Canelo vs. Lara for ourselves!